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World Television Day: Small screen wonders

Updated on: 21 November,2013 08:36 AM IST  | 
Nilesh Rao |

On the occasion of World Television Day, CS speaks to a few happening television stars on their trials and triumphs...

World Television Day: Small screen wonders

Drashti Dhami, (Madhu in Madhubala)
Best thing about TV: A golden opportunity to show the world your talent. Fame, appreciation and love follows.
Worst thing about tv: Besides the long working hours, it can get monotonous meeting the same people and saying the samelines.
Being famous: It’s a high to get a positive feedback from fans. Iinteract with them
Empathy with character: Like her, I stand up for my rights and don’t take nonsense from anyone. But I prefer wearing casuals and not salwar kurtas like her.
What no one knows: That I simply love pani puri and Maggie noodles.
My dream: To go on a long holiday and chill out at the beach. There is this amazing place- CC islands in Thailand which I have been to earlier. I want to visit it all over again.

Toral Rasputra (Anandi in Balika Vadhu)
Best thing about tv: Tremendous exposure and popularity.
Worst thing about TV: Long working hours without a break.
Empathy with character: I am as grounded, mature as Anandi.
Being famous: I can’t relate to being called a star, but like giving autographs.
What no one knows: I like shopping for branded clothes and hand bags.
My dream: To own a sea side apartment in Bandra.

Toral Rasputra

Pratyusha Banerjee (Played Anandi in Balika Vadhu)
Best thing about tv: Regular work is assured. Also there is connectivity with the audience because we are right there in their houses.
Worst things about TV: Nothing at all.
Empathy with character: Like her, I cry when I get emotional.
Being famous: When I joined the show, the character became a brand. I have been mobbed too.
What no one knows: I guess my fans know me well.
My dream: To work with SRK and Salman Khan.

Anas Rashid (Sooraj in Diya Aur Bati Hum)
Best thing about tv: Become household names. Good money.
Worst thing about tv: Little time for rest or family and friends.
Empathy with character: We both love our family and have a huge emotional bond. Being famous: Instant recognition.
What no one knows: I love to cook. If not an actor, I would have started a restaurant.
My dream: I am currently living my dream. I earn enough to feed a 1000 people daily.

Vivian Dsena (RK in Madhubala)
Best thing about TV: Instant conectivity with the audience. Unlike films where people have to buy tickets to see the stars, television is right there in the house and so it makes tele-actors bigger than film actors.
Worst thing about TV: The working schedule is crazy. We shoot six days a week for almost 14 hours daily for a telecast of 22 minutes.
Being famous: I don’t consider myself a huge celebrity. I am happy with my fan’s appreciation as they have made me what I am today.
Empathy with character: We are different personalities-RK is loud, rude, arrogant and brash while I am soft-spoken and fun-loving.
What no one knows: That I am a huge fan of football and play it atleast thrice a week.
My dream: I don’t believe in dreaming but going with the flow.

Gautam Rode (Saras in Saras-watichandra and Nach Baliye)
Best thing about TV: Fame, good money.
Worst thing about TV: Monotonous after a while and long hours.
Being famous: Earlier, I was complimented for my looks, but now its for my acting.
My dream: To be successful and grow as a person.
Empathy with character: We are both religious. But I am not an introvert like him. .
What no one knows: I have extreme mood swings. u00a0

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