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Code 118 Wallet Reviews: Do Not Buy Until You Read This!

Updated on: 29 November,2023 04:17 PM IST  |  MUMBAI
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Purchasing an RFID-blocking wallet is a small amount to pay for the security of your personal information.

Code 118 Wallet Reviews: Do Not Buy Until You Read This!

Code 118 Wallet Reviews

An RFID-blocking wallet is a type of wallet meant to prevent unwanted electronic access to your credit cards, debit cards, identity cards, and other sensitive information. RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification, and RFID chips are found in many modern cards, including credit and debit cards, as well as passports. These chips employ radio waves to wirelessly communicate data, allowing for convenient contactless transactions.

While RFID technology is convenient, it also poses a security risk. Criminals using RFID skimming devices can remotely access and steal your personal information without making physical contact. RFID-blocking wallets use specific materials, commonly metal or other conductive materials, to form a shield that filters radio signals transmitted by RFID chips. This protective barrier helps to protect your sensitive data by preventing illegal scanning.

Your personal information is valuable, and it should be protected at all costs. RFID-blocking wallets protect your contactless cards, driver's license, and even passports against unwanted reading. By investing in this technology, you regain control of your digital footprint, preventing sensitive data from slipping into the hands of the wrong people. The assurance of personal privacy is a compelling incentive to purchase an RFID-blocking wallet, whether you're traveling or simply going about your everyday routine.

Identity theft is a widespread and growing concern, with sophisticated techniques continually improving. RFID-blocking wallets effectively deter identity thieves who use radio frequency identification technology to collect personal information. By forming a protective shield over your cards, these wallets operate as a preventative precaution, dramatically lowering your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft.

RFID-blocking wallets are designed with appearance and usefulness in mind, in addition to protection. These wallets incorporate cutting-edge technology into sleek, modern designs. With a variety of styles, materials, and colors to choose from, you may choose an RFID-blocking wallet that not only improves your security but also compliments your unique style. It's a mix of form and function - a useful item that doesn't skimp on style.

Purchasing an RFID-blocking wallet is a small amount to pay for the security of your personal information. When compared to the possible financial and emotional costs of identity theft, the cost of an RFID-blocking wallet is insignificant. It's a low-cost investment in your security that provides long-term benefits and protection against a variety of digital threats. In the face of so many RFID-blocking devices in the market, how do you get to know which one to buy? Read this Code 118 Reviews to the end, as it holds the answer to the question!.

What Is Code 118 Wallet?

The Code 118 is a stylish wallet that blocks RFID signals and makes carrying cash and cards easier. This wallet features a trigger mechanism to immediately remove your cards and is constructed of aerospace-grade aluminum. Furthermore, any loose change or extra credit cards are securely fastened with the carbon fiber cash strap.

This product is made of high-quality materials, which enables the company to offer a lifetime guarantee. They are so sure of its quality that if it does, in the unlikely event that it malfunctions, please contact us and they will fix it for free!

The sole goal of the makers while founding CODE 118 in 2020 was to revolutionize the antiquated and exorbitant EDC sector. The goal was to design modern, minimalist necessities that are long-lasting and operate flawlessly. The 118 amazing and distinctive elements that make up their collection are the source of CODE 118's significance. They worked hard to use the greatest materials for our products, such as titanium, aluminum, carbon, and more.

The manufacturers transform the outdated objects you carry about every day into modern marvels that are meant to support your greatest life by doing away with the superfluous and utilizing only the best materials available. The manufacturers, in addition to the Code 118, have other similar products in their collections, which you can see on the manufacturer’s website using any of links found in this Code 118 reviews.

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Code 118 Wallet Reviews: Specifications

  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.3 x 0.29 inches
  • Strap: Holds cash, receipts, or additional cards
  • Mechanism: Quick-Deploy™ technology for easy access
  • Storage: 1-7 cards in the chamber, up to 3 cards in the strap
  • Material: 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum & 3K carbon fiber
  • Safety: Blocks RFID signals to prevent card theft

Standout Features of the Code 118 Wallet

  • Easy access: You shouldn't have to fumble with your wallet anymore. With a simple flip of a switch, the patented automated mechanism ejects your cards.
  • Modular & Customizable: The Code 118 can be bought with other accessories. Use these cutting-edge accessories to create the wallet of your dreams. More storage, an AirTag tracker, a leather carrying bag, and more.
  • Long lasting: Compared to a conventional wallet, the forged 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum structure offers increased durability and weight savings. You don’t have to panic each time it suffers a fall, as you can pick it up in one piece without any damage.
  • Affords you an ultra-low profile: Pockets no longer protrude. With a thickness of only 0.29 inches, its adaptable design can accommodate up to 10 cards in its entirety.
  • RFID protection: Your identity is safeguarded, and your credit card information is kept safe by an incorporated RFID-blocking layer.
  • Lifetime warranty: Do you require a substitute? You do not need to worry as the manufacturers are so confident in their product that they have made a lifetime warranty offer available. They employed the best strong inner mechanism and the use of premium materials during production, and they are confident you will enjoy your purchase.

Benefits of Code 118 Wallet

(Code 118 Wallet Review)

The Code 118 has so many amazing benefits attached to getting one for yourself, ranging from its sturdiness to sleekness, even its affordability.

The Code 118 Wallet's aesthetics are its most notable characteristic; its simple, minimalistic appearance is appealing to a wide range of users. Made from premium materials like carbon fiber and aluminum (titanium is also an option), the wallet has a polished, industrial appearance. Customers can pick a style that fits their taste from a range of color possibilities, making it a flexible addition to any clothing.

The wallet's card storing and access method is its main selling feature. In the wallet market, the pop-up, cascade, or slide form has gained popularity due to its efficiency. This mechanism is unique in Code 118 since it functions smoothly and is long-lasting. In contrast to other rivals, the Code 118 Wallet boasts a robust and well-made design that guarantees a dependable user experience.

For travelers, Code 118 is the companion you have been missing. Sometimes, when we travel to unknown countries where we do not know how certain places work, we are exposed to an increased risk of theft or scammers. The code 118 will keep you safe in such scenarios, as no one will be able to access the information stored on your card. What are you still waiting for? The season is already here; why not head to the manufacturer's website to secure your own code 118, then embark on your holiday without fear?

Code 118 offers open lines of contact, informing clients at every stage—from order confirmation through shipment and tracking information. Your private information will now be safe as you will receive yours faster than you imagine.

MUST SEE: Click Here Now To Get Code 118 Wallet Directly From The Official Website

Code 118 Wallet Reviews: Instructions for use

  • Select the 1–7 cards that you use most frequently. (Or, if your cards are embossed, which are thicker than regular flat cards, 5–6)
  • Put the credit cards inside the wallet. (You may be wondering where to put your cards, but fear not—it's the aperture at the top of the wallet; just slide them in, and you're set to go.)
  • You can fit five or seven cards inside the main chamber, depending on how many of them are embossed. Then, all you have to do is pull the trigger to quickly expel your cards. (Pro Tip: To avoid having all of the raised numerals on one side when using embossed cards, alternate them.)
  • The cash strap is the next item. Take out one to five banknotes or up to three cards, then place them under the sleek carbon fiber cash strap. (The strap is designed with hundreds of tiny silicon dots to securely hold your cards and cash and avoid slipping.)
  • You're set to go! Now, you are set to go anywhere without stress.

Code 118 Wallet Reviews: Pros

  • Made with premium and sturdy materials
  • This is a great option if you're seeking a slim or minimalist wallet.
  • Blends easily with your attire
  • The wallet is incredibly affordable and beats out a lot of other metal wallet brands available on the market today, especially considering the materials and high quality of craftsmanship.
  • Excellent storage with simple access. Code 118 makes use of the widely used pop-up method to make cards easily accessible.
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Can accommodate up to 7 cards
  • A lifetime replacement offer is also available.

Code 118 Wallet Reviews: Cons

  • Offers are only available on the manufacturer's website
  • Limited in stock, so hurry in order not to miss out.

Price Of Code 118 Wallet

The CODE 118 WALLET costs $29.95 and comes in various colors. They also offer some of the Add ons, which include:

LIFETIME REPLACEMENT: With Code Wallets' lifetime replacement policy, you won't ever need to purchase a new wallet. With a lifetime warranty, they will replace your wallet if something goes wrong. No tricks—all you have to do is pay the $9.72 shipping fee to receive a FREE replacement. Email along with your name, address, order number, and a quick video demonstrating the issue.  You will receive the exact color and style that you ordered

Code 118 Wallet Where To Buy

Order directly from the manufacturer to take advantage of the exclusive offers available. Additionally, the website guarantees that users may obtain assistance and guidance whenever needed, offering potential consumers a comprehensive and trustworthy service and round-the-clock customer support.



Within 45 days of placing your order, you are welcome to return any item(s) for a complete refund of the purchase price. Please email with your complete name, order number, the original payment method, and a picture of the item you wish to return if you would like to return it (in its original packing). Returns must be in their original packaging, undamaged, and in like-new condition with no dents, scratches, or other damage.


Code 118 Wallet Reviews Consumer Reports

Let’s quickly cite some of the reports from the users of the Code 118:

Clark B. -  Well Worth it. I bought mine about a month ago for $49.95. I see now it is on sale for 40% off, and since it is I'm going to grab another one! At this sale price I can;t pass this up. As far as the wallet goes, it has held up very well, and the buttonm to eject cards is still as smooth as day 1. Feels like butter! After owning a ridge and a few other slim wallets over the years, I can say Code118 is my favorite wallet company hands down.

Tony O. - Impressive Porduct. It is way smaller and more convenient than I thought. The way it works to eject your cards is exactly as I expected, and works just like the advertisements. 5/5 very impressed.

Code 118 Wallet Reviews: FAQs

Have inquiries? Don't worry; this page has answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you require assistance further, please send an email to

In what quantity can the CODE 118 Wallet store cards?

Inside the wallet, it can accommodate up to 7 cards (or up to 15 cards when the optional Modular Backplate is installed). The sturdy strap can comfortably accept 10–20 cash bills.

 How are my cards secured in the wallet?

 Two silicon strips that grasp both sides of your cards are part of the wallets' internal safety mechanism, which prevents your cards from ejecting until you activate the trigger mechanism.

Hundreds of hours of research and development went into creating this safety system, which functions flawlessly even in the most trying situations—such as flipping a wallet upside down.

How is my cash secured in the wallet?

 You don't think a strap can secure your money? Fear not—our cash strap, made of military-grade nylon, securely holds down loose cash, no matter how many bills are in it. Moreover, it has hundreds of silicone micro-dots positioned inside the strap that act like glue to hold cash, supplementary cards, or receipts.

How Can I Send In A Request for a Return?

 Please send an email to with your complete name, order number, and a picture of the item or items you wish to return in order to initiate a return request.

How much time do I have to return something?

 Within 45 days of purchase, you can return your CODE 118 order to the manufacturer’s warehouse for a refund or exchange if you're not completely happy.

What State Do My Returned Item(s) Have To Be In?

 Returns must be made in the original, untouched packaging that came with the item.

Does a lifetime warranty come with my product?

 Sure, A lifetime warranty is included with every CODE 118 product that is bought from the official website.

Conclusion on Code 118 Wallet Reviews

To sum up, for those looking for a durable and simple wallet for their daily use, the Code 118 Wallet is a sleek and useful companion. With its selection of high-quality materials and a wide range of color possibilities, the wallet's appearance and design make it a flexible alternative for a variety of styles.

The wallet's appeal is enhanced by the pop-up mechanism's functionality and usefulness, particularly in light of its robust construction and seamless functioning. Although some users may find the card capacity to be a hindrance, there is a smart solution for more storage thanks to the elastic strap.

Essentially, the Code 118 Wallet offers a modern and dependable option for anyone who want to simplify their wallet without sacrificing flair by striking a balance between form and function. Potential customers should, like with any purchase, carefully assess their individual needs and preferences while weighing the advantages and disadvantages.

In the competitive world of contemporary wallets, the Code 118 Wallet distinguishes out for its distinctive appearance and useful functionality. Due to the high demand, the company is generously offering a 45-day warranty, a special discount, and free shipping to all new customers. Go and buy yours right away!


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