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Who wants to be a doggie?

Updated on: 29 May,2022 07:35 AM IST  |  Poland
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Japanese man who shelled out Rs 12 lakh to look like a collie has become a viral sensation

Who wants to be a doggie?

Toko-San likes cute quadruped animals

A Japanese man is going viral after spending more than $15,000 on a hyper realistic costume, so that he could fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming a dog. One of the clips has more than six lakh views on YouTube. “I made it a collie [dog breed] because it looks real when I put it on,” canine cosplayer Toko-San said. For the furry getup, he paid Zeppet—a company that makes costumes for TV commercials and films—a whopping $15,709 (Rs 12 lakh). The final product took 40 days and multiple revisions to create.

Describing his inspiration for becoming his own best friend, Toko-San said, “My favourite are quadruped animals, especially cute ones. Among them, I thought that a big animal close to me would be good, considering that it would be a realistic model, so I decided to make it a dog.” Toko-San said he decided on a collie costume because its long hair can “mislead the human figure” and not to mention that these herding pooches happen to be his favourite breed of dog.

In a viral clip, he can be seen in his collie costume waving, rolling over and performing other super naturalistic canine impersonations. Other clips show Toko-San playing fetch, snuggling with stuffed animals and, somewhat less realistically, bouncing a ping-pong ball on a paddle. Toko-San also shared photos on Twitter with the caption describing how he was “able to fulfil my dream of becoming an animal!”

“The point is that the skeleton of a dog can be reproduced on the skeleton of a human. Since the structure of the skeleton is very different, we spent a lot of time studying how to make it look like a ‘dog,’ ” an unnamed design employee said adding, “In addition, we collect photographs taken from various angles so that the beautiful coat of the collie can be reproduced and devised so that the coat will flow naturally.”

Heavy chested

A 22-yr-old with oversized breasts needs stick to walk

A woman shells out $100 (Rs 7,000) on granny bras and uses a walking stick because of her breast “weight two stone” (equivalent to 11 kg). Anji Chalk, 22, fears she will be “permanently disabled” by the crushing weight of her chest, which is a K cup.

The actress suffers with painful sweat rashes and is regularly covered in bruises due to accidents and injuries. She is desperate to get a breast reduction, but won’t be offered one by the NHS (National Health Service) unless she loses weight.

“I have to spend so much money on ‘granny’ bras that I get commissioned from Poland, they cost about $100 for the cheapest,” she said adding, “I don’t leave the house unless I go shopping but whenever I do, I bring my walking stick with me.”

Millennials love pets more than their partners

A recent study by Consumer Affairs surveyed 1,000 pet owners and found that 57 per cent of participants aged 27 and 42 love their furry friends more than their siblings. An astonishing 50 per cent admitted the same about their mums. The study also found that millennials’ romantic partners come second to a pet for 30 per cent of participants.

Love has no age

An Italian teen has gone viral on TikTok after proposing to a woman many have mistaken for his grandmother. Giuseppe D’Anna, 19, got engaged to his 76-year-old “soulmate,” whose name has not publicly been disclosed. D’Anna’s video, which has clocked up 20 million views features a photo of the youngster popping the question while down on a knee.

No phones on the toilet

A 28-year-old’s habit of playing mobile games while using the toilet was interrupted when a snake bit him on the backside. The Malaysian man Sabri Tazali, had been sitting on the toilet playing video games on his phone when the snake struck him. “After two weeks, I checked the wound area; there were still half of the snake’s teeth,” he said.

Joshs of the world fight over name

Over hundred people grabbed their pool noodles and headed to a Nebraska park to battle over the right to the name Josh. The event started as an online joke when Josh Swain from Arizona, sent out a tweet challenging anyone who shared his name to fight over it.

Bearded dragon gets stuck in a toy

Veterinarians at a Massachusetts animal hospital rescued a bearded dragon. The New England Animal Medical Centre in Bridgewater said that the bearded dragon’s owners brought him in when he got his head stuck inside a toy pineapple.

Model who cries blue tears

A tattoo model has shared what happened when she got blue inking on her eyeballs, and the reality is grim. Amber Luke, was left temporarily blind, and even cried blue tears, an experience that made her swear off getting extreme body modifications. She has spent more than $90,000(Rs 69 lakh)on body modifications, getting various things done since the age of 14, and now has over 600 tattoos covering 98 per cent of her body. “I can’t even begin to describe to you what the feeling was like, the best thing I can give you is once the eyeball was penetrated with the ink, and it felt like [the tattoo artist] grabbed ten shards of glass and rubbed it in my eye. Unfortunately, my artist went too deep into my eyeball.”

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