1993 Mumbai Blasts: Then and Now

Updated: Jun 17, 2017, 00:00
  • 1993 Mumbai Blasts: Then and Now
    Then: In 1993, the blast took place at 1:28 pm in the underground car park of the Bombay Stock Exchange building. The blasts at BSE killed 84 and injured 217. Now: It is business as usual, as Mumbai recovered quickly. The attacks were carried out in retaliation for the attacks on Muslims during the Hindu-Muslim riots in Mumbai.
  • 1993 Mumbai Blasts: Then and Now
    Then: The AI building was targeted at 2:33 pm. The blast killed 20 people and injured 87. Dawood Ibrahim is said to be the mastermind in the attacks. He organized the bombings through his aide, Tiger Memon. Now: Since the blast security has been tightened at the AI Building. Dawood is still absconding and is suspected to be hiding in Pakistan.
  • 1993 Mumbai Blasts: Then and Now
    Then: Plaza cinema was also a target on the ill-fated day. It was attacked at 3:13 pm. The blasts killed 13 people and injured 37. The blasts were revenge attacks to the riots that had occurred after the Dec 6, 1992 demolition of the Babri Mosque in Ayodhya by Hindu groups. Now: Business as usual at Plaza Cinema as it continues to screen movies even now.
  • 1993 Mumbai Blasts: Then and Now
    Then: Vehicles were torn apart after an explosion at Lucky Petrol Pump in Dadar at 2:30 pm. The blast killed four and injured 50. Now: A high-rise building stands in place of what was earlier Lucky Petrol Pump. A number of bombs exploded throughout Bombay, most of them were car bombs and some were in scooters.
  • 1993 Mumbai Blasts: Then and Now
    Then: Zaveri Bazaar was a soft target for almost two decades. In 1993, the blasts killed 17 and injured 57. Now: A policeman carries out his duties and regular security checks are conducted at the Bazaar.
  • 1993 Mumbai Blasts: Then and Now
    Hotel Tulip Star at Juhu, which was earlier known as Juhu Centaur, was attacked at 3:20 pm, injuring three people. Hotel Sea Rock was also one of the blasts site which was demolished later. The blast at Airport Centaur Hotel killed two and injured eight.
  • 1993 Mumbai Blasts: Then and Now
    People look on the crater formed as a result of the blasts. Bombs also exploded at banks, the regional passport office in Worli, Century Bazaar and Katha Bazaar.
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Mumbai was rocked by 12 powerful bomb blasts, 20 years ago on March 12, 1993. The single day attacks resulted in 260 deaths and 700 casualties. Bombs exploded around the city between 1:28 p.m. to 3:40 p.m. We look at some of the blasts sites, then and now

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