Aashiqui actor Rahul Roy returns to Bollywood

Mar 09, 2018, 16:10 IST

Rahul Roy was born on February 9, 1968, to Deepak and Indira Roy. His maternal uncle is Corey Walia, a renowned name in Bollywood and the fashion circuit. All pictures/mid-day archives and YouTube

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He charmed his way into people's hearts with a series of romance sagas in the '90s, but Rahul Roy couldn't bank on his early successes to make a mark in Bollywood like his contemporaries, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. However, the actor is set to try his luck in cinema yet again with Welcome To Russia, a comedy-drama to be helmed by debutante director Nitin Gupta. We take a look at Rahul Roy's journey so far