Aayushi Dholakia: First Asian to represent India, win teen pageant in 27 years

Updated: Jan 08, 2020, 15:50 | Jonita Colaco
  • Aayushi Dholakia

    Aayushi Dholakia from Vadodara won Miss Teen International 2019 and said she was pleased to represent India and become the first Asian to win the teen pageant in 27 years.

  • Aayushi Dholakia

    "I was very pleased that I could represent my country and win Miss Teen International crown for my country," Aayushi said on winning the pageant. 

  • Aayushi Dholakia

    The pageant had contestants from 22 countries who took part from December 13-19 in New Delhi.

  • Aayushi Dholakia

    Aayushi first had to beat 31 contestants from across India to enter the international leg of the competition.

  • Aayushi Dholakia

    "First I had to beat 31 contestants from all over the country. From 25-20 September I competed in Jaipur's Jia Bagh Palace," she said.

  • Aayushi Dholakia

    "When I entered the competition and gave my audition. I was very raw. I only knew that I had to walk. When I got to the national pageant, I thought of getting some training for walking, Q&A and body language, so I did," she added.

  • Aayushi Dholakia

    She further revealed that when she first entered the competition she wasn't prepared but as she progressed she started to prepare for her road to victory.

  • Aayushi Dholakia

    In this photo, she dons a black embellished gown with her hair tied in a bun and a long trail attached to her gown. 

  • Aayushi Dholakia

    She defines herself as a happy soul, as she rocks a summer dress with flowers in her hair. 

  • Aayushi Dholakia

    In a quirky, yellow dress by Saaj By Ankita, Aayushi shines bright as she strikes a pose

  • Aayushi Dholakia

    "This special day I wish to fulfil all my duties and responsibilities as the Miss Teen International 2019..!! I’m thankful to have received the best gift of 2019," she said. 

  • Aayushi Dholakia

    "The crown had been something that I wanted since a year and now it’s finally mine," she added. 

  • Aayushi Dholakia

    She did a photoshoot with Parth Samthaan and said she could not be more grateful to him. "A great person and a wonderful human being..!! Love you," she added.

  • Aayushi Dholakia

    Her caption hins that Aayushi admires Shah Rukh Khan. "After the picture I realised that one person who could make this picture perfect was.....Raj..!!"

  • Aayushi Dholakia

    Striking a pose in this statement dress, Aayushi said, "Nothing can dim the light that shines from within."

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Vadodara's Aayushi Dholakia won Miss Teen International and became the first Asian to win the teen pageant in 27 years. She said that she was pleased to represent India.

(All photos: Aayushi Dholakia/Instagram)