Actor Om Puri's death: Here's what we know so far

Updated: 13 January, 2017 14:43 IST
  • Actor Om Puri's death: Here's what we know so far
    According to initial reports, Om Puri passed away following a heart attack on the morning of January 6 at his residence in Mumbai: Next Slide: Bleeding actor found at home
  • Driver found Om Puri lying on the floor, bleeding
    The Padma Shri awardee was found lying on the floor, bleeding from his head. Sources said, "At around 7 am, when Puri's driver reached his third-floor residence and rang the bell, there was no response. He got suspicious and raised an alarm. Puri's neighbours gathered and managed to get duplicate keys to enter his home. Upon opening the door, they found Puri lying on the ground near his kitchen, bleeding from his head. Next Slide: The last conversation
  • The last conversation
    Before he left for home on January 5 night, driver Rampramod Mishra had been instructed by Om Puri to arrive by 7 am on Friday, as the veteran actor had to leave for a visa application appointment and then head to Khandala. That conversation turned out to be their last, as when Mishra arrived at Puri's home the next day, head passed away. Mishra had been Puri'™s driver for over 24 years. Next Slide: Accidental death report registered
  • Accidental death report
    The Mumbai police registered an 'Accidental Death Report' (ADR) in connection with the death of Puri. He had sustained an injury, caused apparently when he collapsed to the floor after the heart attack. Since he was alone at his house at the time of death and sustained an injury, Oshiwara police registered an ADR as per routine procedure. Next Slide: The interview which couldn't happen!
  • The interview of Om Puri which couldn't happen!
    After several failed attempts to interview Om Puri in the past two weeks, an interaction was finally scheduled at 11 am on January 6, but fate had other plans as the veteran actor breathed his last that morning. The actor had been giving interviews for his upcoming film "Rambhajan Zindabad" and PTI was to talk to him about the same on December 23. That day, however, Puri's phone was answered by his manager, who informed that the actor had undergone a tooth-operation and so won't be able to speak. What followed was a series of missed opportunities to interview him, for nearly 14 days. Next Slide: Families divided even in death
  • Families divided even in death
    The veteran actor's demise at his Andheri residence last week left Bollywood reeling under the shock of his sudden loss. But in a departure from norms, both his former wives, Seema Kapoor and Nandita Puri, held two separate and simultaneous prayer meetings for his chautha, leaving industry insiders divided between choosing one gathering over the other. Next Slide: Puri's spirit was shattered
  • Puri's spirit was shattered by family and friends
    Smita Singh, who had recently been brought on board for his 'image correction', told mid-day, "Over the last few weeks, he wouldn't stop saying 'Jab main chala jaunga, tab duniya ko meri value hogi'¦' He never got over the public humiliation on Arnab Goswami's show. Personally, too, his life was turbulent. The evening before he passed away, he talked about how his wife Nandita Puri had made a public joke of him (after she published his biography that had some salacious details about his life). "He was doing his best to move on. He was vulnerable that evening, gurgling down pegs of whiskey like he did every day, but he had the haunted look of a broken man.
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There have been a number of intriguing developments since legendary actor Om Puri passed away at the age of 66 on January 6. Here's what we know about it so far 

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