Bigg Boss 14 Week 4 Highlights: Kavita Kaushik's tantrums, Eijaz-Pavitra's banter and much more

Updated: 31 October, 2020 15:50 IST | Anshul Vipat
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    Bigg Boss Season 14 has successfully completed its fourth week and the contestants are now looking even stronger. The four weeks were filled with entertainment, drama, mastii, fights, love, and hate, which has only spiced up in the fourth week. (All Pictures: mid-day archives/Instagram and Twitter handle of Colors TV).

  • Kavita Kaushik, Naina Singh, Shardul Pandit

    Salman Khan introduced three wild card contestants - Kavita Kaushik, Naina Singh, and Shardul Pandit. Unlike the usual, Naina Singh and Shardul Pandit didn't look happy to see each other and locked horns the moment they spoke with each other.

  • Bigg Boss 14

    Bigg Boss then threw open a '60 minute' challenge to the contestants. The contestants had to rate themselves and then their fellow contestants on a number that depicted the amount of time that particular contestant is visible in the 60-minute episode. While Nikki Tamboli seemed confident that the episodes revolved around her, Rahul Vaidya and Jaan Kumar Sanu awarded themselves a fair score of 9 minutes each. Abhinav being a keen observer in the house gave reasons as to why everyone was wrong in their ratings.

  • Jaan Kumar Sanu, Rahul Vaidya, Bigg Boss 14

    During the task, the two popular singers of the house - Rahul Vaidya and Jaan Sanu (son of veteran singer Kumar Sanu) entered into a nepotism fight. This happened after Rahul was seen nominating Jaan Sanu for being a celebrity kid. Rahul was heard saying, "I am nominating Jaan Sanu because I hate nepotism." Jaan fumed after listening to this, and blurted, "I am lucky to born at Kumar Sanu and unfortunately you don't have the same privilege." Other contestants also blamed Rahul for his non-relatable reason for the nomination task.

  • Bigg Boss 14

    Tuesday marked the first task of the week for the captaincy. All that the contestants needed to do was to take care of their travel bags while sitting on a bicycle and ensure that the bags are with them until the end of the task. While it sounded simple, this task took on an increasingly offensive mode where the contestants started snatching the travel bags.

  • Bigg Boss 14

    Soon friendships were put to the test when the nominated contestants had to come out of the red zone and snatch the bags of the other housemates. The red zone contestants planned how they can benefit by making someone from their own team a captain. Rahul targetted Jasmin and snatched her bag which made her fall off the cycle.

  • Jasmin Bhasin, Bigg Boss 14

    Jasmin didn't take this lightly and lost her cool. She complained about how people in general have a perspective that women are weak.

  • Rahul Vaidya, Bigg Boss 14

    After the nomination task, Nikki Tamboli, Rahul Vaidya, Pavitra Punia, and Jaan Sanu got nominated and were sent to red zone. Also, the new captain and wild card entry Kavita Kaushik took the house in 'her hands'. Taking her new role of a captain seriously, she asked the contestants to bring back the discipline in the house. This made her lock horns with Pavitra Punia for establishing rules. She was heard saying, "People like you don't deserve to stand in front of my house." An angered Pavitra took her stand and said, "There can be only one dada in the house, and that is me."

  • Kavita Kaushik, Bigg Boss 14

    This angered the contestants, who seemed a bit unhappy with the dominating captain. Also, being the captain of the house, Bigg Boss gave the power to Kavita to save any of the nominated contestants. Kavita decided to save Eijaz Khan.

  • Kavita Kaushik, Bigg Boss 14

    She also locked horns with the other wild-card entrant Shardul. She said that Shardul disrespected Bigg Boss but Shardul denied all her claims and asked her to behave with him.

  • Kavita Kaushik, Bigg Boss 14

    The next day, Rubina Dilaik and Kavita Kaushik got into a verbal spat over kitchen duties after Kavita "ordered" Rubina to cut fruits for her. Rubina brushed her off calling her the captain of the house, and not the "maalkin." After that, Kavita got in a rage and said, "Now, I will do the same in your captaincy." Needless to say, the fight took an ugly and nasty turn with some choicest abuses heard inside the house.

  • Kavita Kaushik, Bigg Boss 14

    The next day, Kavita clashed with Eijaz Khan, who was appointed as the captain. He asked Kavita to complete her duties, which the latter bluntly refused. She made some shocking revelations about her equation with Eijaz Khan. She alleged that she has no friendship with Eijaz Khan and he lied about that on national television. She said that he is playing a character in the house and is not the same outside the BB house.

  • Jaan Kumar Sanu, Bigg Boss 14

    Jaan Kumar Sanu invited controversy over a comment about the Marathi language. On Tuesday's episode, Jaan told housemate Nikki Tamboli to refrain from speaking in Marathi. He also told her that he gets irritated on hearing the language. Jaan Kumar Sanu said, during the episode, "Marathi mei mat baat kar, mere saamne mat baat kar, meko chid hoti hai. Sunaauga teko, mere saamne Marathi mei mat baat kar. Dum hai toh Hindi mei bol warna mat baat kar, chid machti hai meko (don't speak in Marathi in front of me, it irritates me. If you have the guts, speak in Hindi or be quiet). After an uproar, Jaan Kumar issued an apology.

  • Pavitra Punia, Eijaz Khan

    Okay, enough of the fights. Let's talk about love! We are talking about the new (continuing?) bond between Eijaz Khan and Pavitra. Eijaz Khan was seen asking Nikki Tamboli about dyeing his beard. Nikki joked that he better ask Pavitra about it. "Day and night she keeps talking about you. How do you feel about it?" Nikki asked Eijaz.

  • Pavitra Punia, Eijaz Khan

    Nikki also told him that Pavitra was always talking about Eijaz with other housemates. While Eijaz had confessed that he has been single for the past three years, Pavitra was seen struggling to label her relation with Eijaz. Next, we saw Pavitra having a chat with Jaan, where she declared, "We came here and things change. I don’t know how to define this relationship (with Eijaz)." Jaan told her, "You accept him just the way he is, he accepts you just the way you are."

  • Pavitra Punia, Eijaz Khan

    Nikki then told Eijaz that Pavitra keeps talking and thinking about him all day and night before asking him, "What do you feel about her?" During the whole week, we saw Eijaz and Pavitra enjoying a funny (and romantic) banter. Do you think Eijaz will finally confess his feelings for Pavitra?

  • Jaan Kumar Sanu, Rahul Vaidya

    We also saw Pavitra Punia trying to play peace-maker between Rahul and Jaan. The two had clashed earlier this week due to Rahul's nepotism remark. Rahul later apologised for his remark, which Jaan readily accepted. (Good job, Pavitra!) So far, Bigg Boss 14 has seen drama, fights, friendships and changing relationships. In the fourth week, we also witnessed a spark of romance in the house.

  • Kavita Kaushik, Bigg Boss 14

    So will be seeing more of Kavita Kaushik's tantrums, and Rahul Vaidya's fights? Will Eijaz-Pavitra's friendship take a new turn? Only time will tell! The games inside the Bigg Boss 14 house are getting intense with each passing day.

  • Bigg Boss 14

    The drama and tension will only increase. Don't forget to enrich your Bigg Boss knowledge by going through the best moments of the first week, second week, and the third week inside the Bigg Boss 14 house. Till then, keep watching this space for the latest and spiciest updates inside of Bigg Boss 14.

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