Coronavirus lockdown: Thank you Mumbai Police for keeping the city safe

Updated: Apr 15, 2020, 16:44 | Sherlin Rajan
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    The Mumbai police have been striving hard to ensure that Mumbaikars stay at home and not loiter around in streets during the nationwide lockdown imposed to contain the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. The cops have been working tirelessly to ensure that Mumbai remains safe, for which they have received praises from all walks of life. 

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    The Mumbai police have also been posting witty public interest posts on their social media pages to ensure people practice social distance, stay at home and wash their hands frequently.

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    On April 14, for the second day in a row, Mumbai recorded more than 200 new COVID-19 cases, with six of them reported from Dharavi, taking the total count there to 55.

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    The total number of cases in Maharashtra now stand at 2,684

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    With the BMC identifying major hotspots and containment zones in the city, scores of police officers have been deployed in these areas to restrict the movement of the people.

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    Many Bollywood celebrities have taken to social media and expressed their gratitude to the Mumbai Police for tirelessly working on the frontline to maintain law and order in the city 

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    The Mumbai Police has also been on a roll with their various public interest posts on their Twitter account during the ongoing Coronavirus lockdown.



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    Recently, the Mumbai Police posted a meme on popular Netflix crime drama Money Heist through which it urges netizens to stay at home. The meme, captioned, "Every time you plan to go out unnecessarily with your 'gang' during #lockdown:", features the professor's character with the words, "So how about we forget common sense?"

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    Last week, the Mumbai Police posted a heartwarming video in which cops patrolling during the coronavirus lockdown were asked what would they do if they were given a chance to be at home. The video became viral with netizens praising the Police department for their efforts

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    The Mumbai police has registered at least 3,131 offences and charged 5,600 people for allegedly violating prohibitory orders during the COVID-19 lockdown since March 20

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    The highest number of cases were registered in the eastern suburbs of Mumbai with 801 offences, while Northern Mumbai has 790 offences.

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    Mumbai police have also seized a large number of vehicles trying to enter the metropolis without authorisation during the lockdown in place for the novel coronavirus from five entry points in Dahisar, Mulund, and Mankhurd.

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    According to the police, 40 two-wheelers, 11 autorickshaws, five tempos and three trucks have been seized since the lockdown began. Around 46 people in this connection were given strict punishments.

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    The police has also been occasionally conducting flag marches in the containment zones of the city.

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    In a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus, Mumbai Police also turned a police van into a mobile sanitisation chamber to disinfect the cops deployed in the city amid lockdown.

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From the time the governement announced the lockdown to curb coronavirus cases, Mumbai Police personnel have been tirelessly working and assuring citizens to stay safe, follow social distancing and be at home. Here's how the Mumbai Police have been serving the city during the lockdown. (Picture/Ashish Rane, Sameer Markande, Bipin Kokate, Sayyed Sameer Abedi, Shadab Khan/ mid-day photographers)