Coronavirus: Miss England Dr Bhasha Mukherjee swaps tiara with stethoscope to help doctors

Updated: Apr 11, 2020, 08:39 | Sherlin Rajan
  • Dr Bhasha Mukherjee

    Choosing the stethoscope over the tiara, Miss England 2019, Bhasha Mukherjee, has returned to practicing medicine as the world battles with coronavirus pandemic. She has been earning praises across the globe for her decision.

  • Dr Bhasha Mukherjee

    According to CNN, Mukherjee was working as a junior doctor with a specialisation in respiratory medicine, before being crowned as Miss England in August last year. 

  • Dr Bhasha Mukherjee

    The Indian-origin beauty queen with her roots in Kolkata had taken a career break from the medical field.

  • Dr Bhasha Mukherjee

    She had paused her medical career for some humanitarian work that she was offered by several charities and was on a tour to different countries including India.

  • Dr Bhasha Mukherjee

    In an interview with CNN, Mukherjee said, "I was invited to Africa, to Turkey, then to India, Pakistan and several other Asian countries to be an ambassador for various charity work." 

  • Dr Bhasha Mukherjee

    She was touring India at the beginning of March this year for four weeks.


  • Dr Bhasha Mukherjee

    During her stay as an ambassador of the Coventry Mercia Lions Club, the 24-year-old had visited several schools and had donated stationery and other items to the needy.

  • Dr Bhasha Mukherjee

    Mukherjee then returned to the UK as the situation worsened with coronavirus spreading at an alarming rate.

  • Dr Bhasha Mukherjee

    She contacted the hospital and told them that she wanted to rejoin.

  • Dr Bhasha Mukherjee

     The Miss England 2019 said in her interview to CNN that she felt wrong to be wearing the crown while people around the world were dying from the virus.

  • Dr Bhasha Mukherjee

    "When you are doing all this humanitarian work abroad, you're still expected to put the crown on, get ready... look pretty. I wanted to come back home. I wanted to come and go straight to work," CNN quoted her as saying.

  • Dr Bhasha Mukherjee

    "I felt a sense of this is what I'd got this degree for and what better time to be part of this particular sector than now. It was incredible the way the whole world was celebrating all key workers, and I wanted to be one of those, and I knew I could help," she further said in the interview.

  • Dr Bhasha Mukherjee

    As the Indian-origin beauty queen has a recent travel history, she is currently in self-isolation and will return to work once her quarantine period is over.

  • Dr Bhasha Mukherjee

    After being crowned as Miss England 2019 in August last year, Mukherjee participated in the Miss World 2019 competition in December, where she finished 18th among the Top 40 finalists.

  • Dr Bhasha Mukherjee

    More power to you, Dr Bhasha Mukherjee!


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The ongoing Coronavirus outbreak has prompted Miss England 2019 Dr Bhasha Mukherjee to return to practicing medicine and help the doctors in the UK fight the pandemic. The beauty titleholder with her roots in Kolkata had taken a break from field for humanitarian work offer by charitable organisations. Let's know more about the Indian-origin beauty queen! (Pictures/Dr Bhasha Mukherjee-Instagram)