Son stabs mother, man hangs brother: These gruesome crimes rattled Bandra

Updated: 08 September, 2019 17:16 IST | Sunny Rodricks
  • Son stabs mother, man hangs brother: These gruesome crimes rattled Bandra

    Stopped from jumping off Bandra-Worli sea link, Teen slashes neck, wrists:

    On July 23, 2019, a 19-year-old attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the Bandra Worli sea link. Interestingly, when the man was taking the drastic step, a guard on the sea link saw him trying to jump in and immediately rushed to the spot and caught hold of him. However, the teenager, identified as Ujay Parmar, a resident of Worli, whipped out a knife from his pocket and slashed his neck and hands. He was rushed to the nearby Bhabha Hospital where he underwent treatment. According to the police officials, Parmar was frustrated with life and hence took the drastic step. In order to ensure that he succeeded, he had also carried a sharp knife with him in his pocket.

  • Son stabs mother, man hangs brother: These gruesome crimes rattled Bandra

    Man stabs sister multiple times over property ownership:

    On Feb 24, 2019, the Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) police arrested a 50-year-old man for allegedly stabbing his sister six times with a knife. The accused, identified as Karamveer Dumra lived in a slum with his mother Laxmi, 66 and sister Parbi Chavria, 47. According to the police sources, the siblings always fought over the ownership of their mother's house. Investigation revealed that Dumra threatened his mother and sister and warned them of teaching a lesson if he did not get the ownership of the property. A few days later, he stabbed his sister six times with a knife. Apparently, the local residents alerted the police and the accused was nabbed within hours. He was booked under section 307 of the Indian Penal Code for an attempt to murder.

  • Son stabs mother, man hangs brother: These gruesome crimes rattled Bandra

    Drug addict hangs brother to death after heated argument:

    On 23 December 2018, a 36-year-old man allegedly killed his 30-year-old brother in Bandra after an altercation broke out between the two. The accused was arrested a day after the murder after the siblings' mother reached Bhabha Hospital, where the deceased was declared dead on arrival. The accused identified as Asif Shaikh had an altercation with his brother Riyaz Shaikh who came home under the influence of drugs. Asif, who is also a drug addict, had an argument over a monetary issue. Soon the argument turned intense and in a fit of rage, Asif tied a rope to the ceiling of their house and the other on his brother's neck and hanged him. The alleged incident occurred at their home in Rahul Nagar area of Bandra West when their mother was away, said the police. The accused was arrested and later produced before the court. The investigation is underway.

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  • Son stabs mother, man hangs brother: These gruesome crimes rattled Bandra

    Gay man kills his partner's friend:

    On 4 November 2018, a 25-year-old man was arrested for allegedly killing a man after finding him in bed with his male partner at the latter's residence in Bandra West. The accused was an IT professional, and the deceased, an MBA graduate. The incident took place in the apartment of the accused's partner on Hill Road, Bandra West. According to police officials, the accused hit the victim on his head with a candle stand after finding him in bed with his partner. The accused also allegedly tried to strangulate his partner, who was the complainant in the case, with a mobile phone charger cord. The accused and the complainant then took the victim who was profusely bleeding to Bhabha Hospital in Bandra and then to Lilavati Hospital. However, they later took him home against the medical advice where he succumbed to injuries. The accused was arrested by the police under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) including 302 (Punishment for murder). He was produced before the court which remanded him in police custody. The investigation is underway.

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  • Son stabs mother, man hangs brother: These gruesome crimes rattled Bandra

    Unable to steal his debit card, a man murders boss at BKC:

    A horrific incident came to light when the Bandra Kurla Police arrested a 23-year-old man from Jharkhand for murdering his supervisor. On 4 May 2018, the police received a call from Guru Nanak Hospital about a man who was declared brought dead. The deceased was a supervisor at a construction site in BKC. Police registered a case under Section 302 (murder) of IPC. According to the police, a helper on the site was absent since the incident. The police also found the deceased's ATM card was used in Mumbai, Pune and Jabalpur to withdraw Rs 65,000. The suspect was spotted in CCTV footage at these ATM centres. Police tracked him to Mokaharkala village and he was arrested on May 13 and later confessed to committing the crime.

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  • Son stabs mother, man hangs brother: These gruesome crimes rattled Bandra

    Woman arrested for murdering another over Rs 50,000 loan:

    On 1 March 2018, the BKC police arrested Reshma Ansari, 38, for the murder of Mumtaz Arif Shaikh, 48. Fed up of constant nagging by Mumtaz for the return of her loan, Resham a resident of Behrampada murdered her. The police received a call regarding a blood-soaked body being found. They registered a case and began the investigation. The post-mortem report revealed that the woman was stabbed 16 times. According to police sources, Reshma had borrowed Rs 50,000 from Mumtaz about 8 months ago. Reshma was angry that Mumtaz nagged her for the return of the loan, which she could not do. Mumtaz also embarrassed Reshma in front of her relatives over the loan. Reshma could not bear this and planned to teach her a lesson. Reshma bought a knife and took Mumtaz to Tata Colony in Bandra East where she stabbed and killed Mumtaz. She threw the weapon in a nullah and went home.

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  • Son stabs mother, man hangs brother: These gruesome crimes rattled Bandra

    Barefoot Killer Caught In Bandra After Crime:

    On 2 September 2017, a 29-year-old man, who worked as a watchman at a building in Bandra West, was found murdered. According to the police, the victim, identified as Anjani Tiwari, was stabbed at least 12 times. Tiwari was working in the city for the past year and used to do two jobs to meet his financial needs. During the day he worked as a salesman and at night as a security guard. Within a week, the police managed to nab the accused who murdered the watchman. The accused was identified as Ramesh Mandodh, 43, was arrested in connection with the murder and later confessed to killing Tiwari because he suspected him of being in a relationship with his wife.

    In the file photo, Ramesh Mandodhm, the prime accused who murdered Tiwari

  • Son stabs mother, man hangs brother: These gruesome crimes rattled Bandra

    Son kills mother by stabbing her 9 times:

    On May 24 2018, Khar police inspector Gyaneshwar Ganore, who was probing the sensational Sheena Bora murder case, found his wife Dipali Ganore (42), murdered and in a pool of blood at their Santacruz home in Mumbai. A chilling message was found written with blood next to Dipali's body that read "Tired of her catch me & hang me :)". The officer's son was missing and was later traced to Rajasthan from where he was arrested from a hotel room in Jodhpur. The son, identified as Siddhnat Ganore, then 19 years old, skipped his first-year BSc exams and said that his mother was pressuring him to show his report card. He said he first felt like committing suicide, but after a heated argument with his mother on the same topic, he killed her. Siddhant killed his mother using a kitchen knife and then changed his clothes and took the cash and fled to Surat.

  • Son stabs mother, man hangs brother: These gruesome crimes rattled Bandra

    Brother kills sister for returning home late:

    On 20 December 2016, a 26-year-old Bandra resident strangulated his sister just because she came back home around 2 am and later even called up his mother to inform her about the murder. Later, the Bandra police arrested the accused Akhtar Shaikh. He had got into an argument with the deceased Jamila Shaikh, as she had woken up late. Their mother was away for some work at that time. Akhtar questioned her about returning late in the night, Jamila asked him not to interfere in her life, as she was a grown-up girl. Eventually, the argument turned into a heated one when Akhtar suddenly pushed her and she fell down. Thereafter, the accused strangulated her to death. Representational Picture.

  • Son stabs mother, man hangs brother: These gruesome crimes rattled Bandra

    A semi-nude body of the son of a Bandra paanwala found:

    In November 2016, the semi-nude body of 23-year-old Nikunj, son of Bandra’s famous paanwala Munna Chaurasia, was found in the creek near Ghodbunder Road in Thane. The prime suspect in the case was on the run. The Kashimira police later circulated CCTV footage from near Bandra (West) station, where the suspect, who is yet to be identified, was seen speaking to Nikunj, just hours before the latter’s murder. Nikunj was repeatedly hit on the head with a stone and killed. His body was later found from a creek on Ghodbunder Road, Thane. No further information in the case has arrived yet.

  • Son stabs mother, man hangs brother: These gruesome crimes rattled Bandra

    Girl calls boyfriend to Carter road, has him stabbed to death:

    On 29 September 2015, a 21-year-old girl allegedly planned and had her 22-year-old boyfriend murdered at the popular Carter Road promenade in Bandra. The deceased, who was identified as Rizwan Khan was stabbed to death and was found in a pool of blood by his friends. He was rushed to a hospital in Santacruz where he was declared dead on arrival due to excessive loss of blood. Later, the Khar police arrested five accused, including the deceased’s girlfriend, Zoya Khan, in connection with the murder. The cops said that the girl may not have been aware of the murder, as she was told to alert her gang and then escape from the spot. All the five accused, including the girl, were in police custody the matter was being investigated

  • Son stabs mother, man hangs brother: These gruesome crimes rattled Bandra

    Duo murder retired HC official; wife plays dead, survives:

    On 8 March 2015, a 78-year-old was murdered in his house at Parsi colony in Bandra, allegedly by the son of a trusted auto driver and his accomplice. The murderers assumed that the wife was dead after she didn’t move an inch on being attacked. Assuming that even she had died of the attack, the duo proceeded to rob Rs 7.5 lakh in cash, 20 grams of gold and a Motorola cellphone worth Rs 8 lakh in all and fled from the house. Lili then informed her neighbours and the police were called. The accused were arrested and booked under Sections 302 (murder), 379 (theft), 452 (house-trespass after preparation for hurt, assault or wrongful restraint), 394 (voluntarily causing hurt in committing robbery), and 34 (common intention). Representational Picture.

  • Son stabs mother, man hangs brother: These gruesome crimes rattled Bandra

    58-year-old housewife's throat slit:

    On 13 June 2013, a 58-year-old woman was found murdered with her throat slit at her Bandra apartment. Just 12 hours after the incident, the Bandra police cracked the case with the arrests of two accused who were later identified to be deaf and mute. The two accused were identified as Saif Raza Shabbir Hussain Bhavnagri (28) and Parvez Wahid Khan (43). According to police sources, the two were nabbed after one of them had forgotten their mobiles at the victim’s residence after they killed her and were fleeing with the stolen booty. The duo killed the housewife and ran away with valuables worth Rs 4 lakh.

  • Son stabs mother, man hangs brother: These gruesome crimes rattled Bandra

    A woman slits her rapist's throat at BKC:

    On 13 August 2009, a 23-year-old housewife was allegedly raped by her relative after which she slit the culprit's throat. According to Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) Police, the victim Rubina Sheikh (name changed) a resident of Bharat Nagar, BKC, opened a midnight knock on their door. She was surprised to see her relative Feroz Yusuf Ansari (30), who inquired if her husband Salim (name changed) was at home. When she replied in affirmative stating he was fast asleep and asked him if she had to wake him up. Feroz removed the knife he was carrying and threatened Rubina of dire consequences if she did not step out of the house with him. Feroz dragged Rubina holding her hair and took her to a near-by isolated room in the vicinity and allegedly forced on her. After raping her, when the accused was wearing his trousers, Rubina lifted the knife from the floor and slit Feroz's throat. She immediately rushed home and narrated the entire incident to her husband, who was surprised to spot her. Rubina was produced before the metropolitan court. A case was registered against Ansari as well as a case of murder against the woman. She was later arrested on culpable homicide not amounting to murder (Section 304 of IPC). She was later sent to judicial custody. Representational Picture.

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