Do you know these 18 celebrities became parents through surrogacy?

Updated: 27 May, 2020 12:25 IST | Nikita Wagh
  • AbRam Khan

    Shah Rukh Khan: His youngest son, AbRam, is no less than any celebrity. In May 2013, AbRam Khan came into Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan's life through surrogacy.

  • Ravie Kapoor

    Ekta Kapoor: Ekta became a mother to a baby boy via surrogacy. This news came three years after little brother Tusshar Kapoor had opted for surrogacy and become a father to a baby boy, who he named Laksshya Kapoor. The producer's baby was born on January 27, and she named him Ravie, after dad Ravi Kapoor.

  • Azad Rao Khan

    Aamir Khan: The superstar and his second wife Kiran Rao became proud parents to Azad Rao Khan in December 2011, through surrogacy. Aamir's two children, Junaid and Ira, are from his first wife Reena Dutta. The couple's decision brought the procedure into public focus. Their decorous declaration of their surrogate parenthood imbued an all-new dimension to the concept of non-traditional parenthood.

  • Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber

    Sunny Leone: After adopting daughter Nisha Kaur Weber, Sunny Leone and husband Daniel Weber became proud parents to twin boys Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber, who were born via surrogacy in February 2018. Sunny told mid-day, "We had been planning it for many years, but were waiting for the right time. We found out about our three children on the same day — we got an official confirmation letter of Nisha's adoption on June 21, the same day that we were doing the IVF transfer of the boys. It was like God had planned something special for us. In eight months, we had three kids."

  • Yash Johar and Roohi Johar

    Karan Johar: The celebrated filmmaker took the help of a surrogate to become a father, and on March 6, 2018, he revealed the same. The names of Karan's twin babies are Yash and Roohi. Talking about his parenthood, KJo said, "They have made me a far more responsible adult. Until their birth, I was floating around without any kind of mission. But now, I have developed life goals."

  • Sufi and Soleil

    Lisa Ray: Cancer survivor Lisa Ray was blessed with twin daughters - Sufi and Soleil, via surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia. The actress opened up to Bombay Times on September 17, saying, "My husband and I decided to pursue surrogacy. India was the obvious choice. We consulted a reputed fertility doctor, but a week before we could begin, India outlawed commercial surrogacy. We were crushed. While I understand the pressing need to regulate the industry and prevent exploitation of surrogate mothers, it was a case of literally throwing out the baby with the bath water. But, I was determined. My husband and I were advised we could continue the process in India and that there were 'ways'. But we did not want to bring our children into the world under a cloud of uncertainty."

  • Krishaang and Rayaan

    Krushna Abhishek and Kashmera Shah: The TV celebrity couple became parents of twin baby boys - Krishaang and Rayaan through surrogacy in June 2017. However, the couple has never divulged any details regarding their twins' birth.

  • Samisha Shetty Kundra

    Shilpa Shetty: Shilpa Shetty Kundra and her businessman husband Raj Kundra became proud parents to a baby girl born through surrogacy on February 15, 2020. The couple named their daughter Samisha. An ecstatic Shilpa announced her baby's arrival as "Junior SSK". "Samisha Shetty Kundra... Born:15th February 2020 ... Junior SSK in the house.... 'Sa' in Sanskrit is 'to have' and 'Misha' is Russian stands for 'someone like God'... You personify this name, our Goddess Laxmi and complete our family," Shilpa wrote alongside a glimpse of baby Samisha on social media. The couple has a son, Viaan Raj Kundra, born in May 2012.

  • Aadya Talpade

    Shreyas Talpade: The Golmaal actor and his wife Deepti were blessed with a baby girl through surrogacy on May 4, 2018. The couple, who considered the method, said that the doctor suggested this option as the best, and after 14 years of marriage, they became proud parents to a baby girl, whom they named Aadya.

  • Laksshya Kapoor

    Tusshar Kapoor: In June 2016, news of Tusshar Kapoor becoming a single parent took everyone by surprise. Tusshar's son Laksshya was born via surrogacy. Talking about the same, Tusshar had told mid-day, "Initially my parents were a little bit apprehensive whether I should announce the child to be one born through IVF and surrogacy or not. Because they were like 'You don't know how it is going to be taken in India, why even announce it, why don't you just tell friends, then the friends will tell more friends. Everybody in the country has been very accepting. That was a bit surprise for me because I thought there would be diverse views, some kind of 'oohs and ahas' about it, all kinds of opinion."

  • Yohan Khan

    Sohail Khan: The actor and his wife Seema's younger son Yohan was born in June 2011 via surrogacy. However, Sohail never divulged any details regarding his birth.

  • Faith Margaret

    In addition to these Bollywood celebrities, there is no shortage of such couples in Hollywood, who took the path of surrogacy to fulfil their wishes.

    Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban chose surrogacy and became parents of a baby Faith Margaret in 2010.

  • Marian and Tabitha

    Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick became parents of twin girls Marian and Tabitha through surrogacy in 2009.

  • Dashiell Julius William Clunie-Singe

    X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer and close friend actress Michelle Clunie became proud parents via surrogacy to a baby boy Dashiell Julius William Clunie-Singer in January 2015.

  • Felix and Magnus Mitchell

    Hollywood actress Elizabeth Banks and husband Max Handelman have two sons via surrogacy namely Felix, who was born on March 2011 and Magnus Mitchell, who they welcomed on November 2012.

  • Zachary and Elijah

    Sir Elton John and partner David Furnish became parents to son Zachary in 2010 and Elijah in 2013 via surrogacy.

  • Gideon Scott, Harper Grace

    Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka are parents to twins, a son Gideon Scott, and daughter, Harper Grace, who were born via surrogacy in October 2010.

  • Mattian and Valentino

    Famous singer Ricky Martin became a single parent through surrogacy in 2008. Ricky has twin children, whose names he kept Mattian and Valentino.

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