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  • Dimple Kapadia

    Born on June 8, 1957, Dimple Kapadia is the eldest daughter of a Gujarati entrepreneur named Chunnibhai Kapadia. She had a younger sister named Simple Kapadia, who passed away of cancer in November 2009. Apart from Simple, whose son Karan Kapadia made Bollywood debut with Blank in 2019, Dimple Kapadia also has a younger brother and a sister. (All photos/mid-day archives)

  • Dimple Kapadia

    Dimple Kapadia married Rajesh Khanna in 1973, six months before the release of her first film, Bobby. But they separated in 1984, though they did not complete the divorce proceedings. The couple united during Khanna's last days.

    In picture: Dimple Kapadia and superstar Rajesh Khanna's wedding

  • Dimple Kapadia

    Dimple was discovered by Raj Kapoor, at the age of 13, who later launched her in Bobby. She, however, retired from acting after marrying Rajesh Khanna and stayed away from the showbiz for twelve years to raise her two daughters, Twinkle Khanna, who was born in 1974 and Rinke Khanna, who was born in 1977.

    In picture: Dimple Kapadia with Vinod Khanna in the film Aakhri Adalat

  • Dimple Kapadia

    When asked if she's a hands-on mother or grandmother? She said, "Not at all. In fact, they (daughters Twinkle and Rinke) are strict with me. I get a lot of instructions from my daughters as well as from my grandchildren on what I am not supposed to do and what I am doing wrong. They always keep checking on where I am and what I am doing and so on. We are really close to each other."

  • Dimple Kapadia

    Dimple Kapadia may be seen as an accomplished and strong actress, but the Kaash and Rudaali star, who displayed her versatility in films like Zakhmi Sher, Arjun, Aitbaar and Drishti, is not yet creatively satisfied. "I'm not satisfied in the sense I am not looking for any roles, but I do make peace with myself saying that 'I am not the best in the world'. But I have tried to give my best and I want to get better. That struggle will remain till the time I really feel that I have achieved it in my head. I keep falling short," said the veteran actress.

    In picture: Dimple Kapadia shocked everyone by wearing a red bikini in her very first film

  • Dimple Kapadia

    Dimple Kapadia, who lost her estranged husband Rajesh Khanna in 2012, said she feels 'abandoned' without him and says it is difficult to match his immense inner strength when confronted with death. "It is very difficult to follow him because what I saw of him was a man of such extreme inner strength, there was no fear he had. He knew he was dying and there was no fear of death. He did not even talk about it. He lived normally till his last days. So it is very difficult to follow that. But one would aspire to be like that. He was not a burden on anyone, emotionally not taxing," the veteran actress said. Fondly known as 'Kaka' among his colleagues in the industry, the actor passed away on July 18, 2012, after being critically ill.

    In picture: Dimple Kapadia with Raj Babbar in Aitbaar

  • Dimple Kapadia

    Apparently, it was Khanna who asked Dimple to quit movies post marriage. In picture: Dimple (extreme right) in a still from Bobby.

  • Dimple Kapadia

    Dimple Kapadia became an overnight star with Bobby but turned her back on stardom to marry Rajesh Khanna. But the acting bug kept bugging her and after a decade of absence, she returned with Saagar, that released in August 1985. It turned to be a major success at the box office.

    In picture: A still from Angaar

  • Dimple Kapadia

    After a much-publicised but failed marriage, Dimple left Khanna's home in 1982 and returned to acting a couple of years later.

    In picture: Kamal Haasan, Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia in a still from Sagar.

  • Dimple Kapadia

    Although Dimple and Rajesh Khanna did not share a cordial relationship for many years post-separation, Dimple did campaign for Khanna when he entered politics.

    In picture: A still from Aaj Ki Aurat

  • Dimple Kapadia

    Ramesh Sippy's Saagar was touted to be Dimple's comeback vehicle, but the release of the film got delayed and, instead, Zakhmi Sher (1984) turned to be her first movie to hit the screens on her comeback.

    In picture: Dimple Kapadia with Sunny Deol in Arjun

  • Dimple Kapadia

    Dimple actually underwent a screen test for Saagar and fared very badly, literally shivering through her act. But, Sippy showed faith in her and signed her on for the film starring Rishi Kapoor and Kamal Haasan.

    In picture: Dimple Kapadia with Amitabh Bachchan in Ajooba

  • Dimple Kapadia

    Dimple Kapadia utilises her free time travelling and hunting for antiques. "I travel a lot, I go hunting for antiques. For me, antiques are a passion. I love to scout for them... I am a gipsy, basically."

    In picture: A still from Batwara

  • Dimple Kapadia

    Even though she is noted for her glamorous persona, Dimple did critically-acclaimed challenging roles in off-beat films like Kaash, Zakhmi Aurat, and Rudaali. Unlike her contemporaries, Dimple chose to do unusual films. "It's a mental frame of mind. I was never a 'Mills and Boon' kind of a person. I was never a chiffon and satin person. I am always a cotton person. It's just the way I am. I get attracted to different things. I have a different take on everything. I like to do different things. I don't like the regular stuff," said Dimple Kapadia, in an old interview with mid-day.

    In picture: Dimple with Amitabh Bachchan in Hum Kaun Hai

  • Dimple Kapadia

    Do you know how Dimple Kapadia spends her day when she is not shooting? Well, she had once told mid-day, "It is a very boring day. I get up whenever I feel like getting up. I keep changing my routine - one day I'll work out like crazy and then I won't work out for six months. A while ago, I was into yoga. One thing that doesn't change is meeting my grandchildren and spending quality time with them."

  • Dimple Kapadia

    Dimple Kapadia likes to watch light-hearted films and comedies. She said, "I am not an intellectual person and I don't watch dark films or documentaries. I like quirky films with unpredictable stories — I even enjoy reading such stories. I don't feel like watching regular cinema. I do watch masala films like Dabangg, where Salman Khan is at his entertaining best. But how many entertainers do we really have?"

  • Dimple Kapadia

    We wish Dimple ji a very happy birthday!

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