Fatal Selfie Fever! Man shoots himself, Couple falls off a cliff, Teenager gets a 25,000-volt shock!

Updated: 22 February, 2020 08:18 IST | Sunny Rodricks
  • Man falls into Beas river in Manali while taking a selfie: A 25-year-old man from Haryana accidentally fell into the Beas river in Manali while he was taking selfies on July 16, 2019. A team of police and fire brigade officials immediately swung into action in order to rescue the tourist. The victim, identified as Lalit Yadav, was successful pulled out from the river. Later, he was admitted into a hospital where his condition was said to be stable.

  • Indian falls to death from Ireland cliff while taking selfie: In a tragic incident which took place on Jan 5, 2019, an Indian student died after falling off a cliff in Ireland while taking a selfie. The unidentified Indian national was in his 20s and was studying at a university in Dublin. He lost his balance while taking the photograph at the popular tourist attraction the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare. The tragedy happened south of the main viewing area near the visitors centre. Emergency services, including a search helicopter, were mobilised as soon as the alarm was raised. A winchman from the helicopter recovered the man from the sea. The victim was flown to nearby Doolin where he was formally pronounced dead.

  • Mother of three falls to death in Matheran: Taking a selfie proved fatal for 35-year-old Sarita Chauhan who was at the Matheran Hill station for a vacation with her husband and three kids. The incident occurred on June 20, 2018, when Sarita decided to take a selfie with the sun at Louisa Point. According to the Matheran police, Sarita climbed over the security grill at Louisa Point, and while clicking a picture she lost balance due to a strong breeze and fell into a gorge which was about 600 feet. Her body was found later. Representational Picture

  • Caught on camera: In a tragic incident caught on camera, four youth drowned in the sea at Nagoa Beach in Diu. Reportedly, the victims were trying to click a selfie near a cliff as the waves of the Arabian sea carried them along in the ocean. The selfie addiction proved fatal for the four youth; the incident occurred on July 23, 2017.

  • Five rescuers drown while 'selfie girl' lives on: Selfie craze claimed five more lives, but even sad was the fact that the lives lost were of five people who tried to rescue the person who fell into a reservoir while clicking a selfie on her mobile phone. Five engineering students, including two girls, drowned in a reservoir in Warangal district of Telangana on September 17, 2016. The deceased, who were all third-year engineering students in computer science at Warangal's Vagdevi Engineering College, jumped into the water to rescue Ramya Pratyusha, who accidentally fell in the lake while taking a selfie. While Pratyusha was saved, the others drowned. Representational Picture

  • Mumbaikar falls in Khandala valley: Clicking selfie at a Khandala quarry turned fatal for a 36-year-old Mumbai man. The incident took place on July 12, 2016, evening around 6 pm and his body was found in the 200-foot quarry the next day. The deceased was identified as Santosh Gothad (36), a resident of Golibar Maidan, Santacruz in Mumbai. Santosh, along with his friend Pancham Ravidas didn't pay heed to official warnings and climbed the valley to take a selfie with waterfalls as the backdrop. Santosh slipped and lost his balance and fell down in Kachal quarry of Khandala Ghat. Representational Picture

  • Tourist dies while taking a selfie at Machu Picchu ruins: A 51-year-old German tourist plummeted to death while pretending to fly for a selfie atop Machu Picchu ruins in Peru on July 3, 2016. Oliver Park lost his balance while leaping to imitate flying. Park ignored the warning signs that were posted around the restricted area and was posing for a mid-leap photo when he fell off Machu Picchu mountain, which overlooks the ancient Incan citadel. His body was recovered from a ravine on a day after the accident. Representational Picture

  • Seven drown in Ganga at Kanpur as selfie session goes awry: Seven youngsters were swept away in the Ganga river in Kanpur on June 22, 2016, when one of them slipped into the river while taking a selfie and the others tried to save him, police said. Six bodies were fished out of the river. One boy survived the ordeal. According to the police, the boys were enjoying the rain that lashed the citywhen one of them trying to take a selfie by standing on the edge of the barrage tripped and fell in the Ganga, which was in spate due to rains in the region. Representational Picture

  • Tragic! 15-year-old boy who shot himself while taking selfie dies: 15-year-old Ramandeep Singh died at a Ludhiana hospital after sustaining a bullet injury to his head while taking a selfie with his father's revolver on April 30, 2016. The teenager had sustained a bullet injury while taking a selfie with his mobile phone with a .32 bore revolver pointed to his head. The gun went off accidentally. With the bullet lodged in his head, the critically injured teen was shifted to a hospital in Ludhiana. The revolver belonged to Ramandeep's father Gurkirpal Singh, a property dealer. Representational Picture

  • Selfie stunt proves fatal as two HSC students drown in Nashik dam: HSC students from Pune became the victims of selfie fever as they drowned at a dam in Nashik on February 15, 2016. The duo was part of a group of 10 childhood friends, who had gone on a picnic to enjoy themselves before their HSC exams, which were set to begin in a few days. The incident took place around 2.30 pm at Waldevi dam, which is around 20 kilometres from Nashik, and the body of the duo was fished out after three hours by the police, with the help of local residents.

  • Students taking selfies drown as waves pull them into the sea: Despite warnings from locals and faculty members about the high tide, students from Pune's Abeda Inamdar College ventured into the sea at Murud to click pictures on February 1, 2016. What was supposed to be a fun-filled daylong picnic for the students at the Murud beach for the batch of 116 students, ended into a tragedy when 14 of them drowned. Six students — including four boys and two girls — were lucky enough to be rescued.

  • Boy run over by a train while trying to click selfie in Chennai: A 'selfie' moment ended in a tragedy for a 16-year-old student who was run over by a train while trying to click a picture of himself beside the train. Dinesh Kumar, a Std XI student, was walking along the railway track with a friend at suburban Vandalur on February 1, 2016, when the incident happened, the police said. The youth was trying to click a picture of himself with the speeding suburban train behind him when it ran over him, killing the teenager on the spot.

    Representational Picture

  • Selfie turns fatal for tourist at Jodhpur's Mehrangarh Fort: The craze for a selfie turned fatal for a 23-year-old tourist who had come to visit the Mehrangarh Fort in Rajasthan's Jodhpur city on January 18, 2016. The man named Nikhil was trying to click a selfie when he fell down from the ramparts of the fort in Jodhpur. Nikhil fell down near a temple from where he was rushed to the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital where he was declared dead on arrival. Representational Picture

  • Girl slips at Bandra seaface while taking a 'selfie'; rescuer feared drowned: A college girl and a youth, who jumped into the waters to save her life, drowned in the sea off Bandra Bandstand in Mumbai in January 2016, the police said. Three college girls, all residents of Bainganwadi in suburban Govandi, aged between 18 and 19 years, had gone to the seaface for a picnic. The trio was clicking selfies when one of them, Taranum, slipped into the sea, he said. Hearing their screams, a local youth, Rajesh Walunj, a local resident, jumped in and managed to fish out two of them. When he dived in again to locate Tarranum Shaikh, he disappeared.

  • Selfie stunt on train roof kills 14-year-old boy: 14-year-old Sahil Chandrakant Eshwarkar sustained 80 per cent burns when he accidentally touched an overhead cable while trying to click a selfie on a train parked at car shed near Nahur station in November 2015. The teenager from Kanjurmarg succumbed to the burn injuries. According to the Kurla GRP officials, Sahil, a Std IX student of St Xavier's High School, Kanjurmarg, had gone to play football with his friends. The police officer said that Sahil and his friends were clicking selfies on the train when the boy was electrocuted after accidentally touching an overhead cable. He was thrown off the train

  • Teenager gets a 25,000-volt shock in an attempt to take a selfie: On January 6, 2015. 16-year-old Ganesh Kumkumawati sustained 90 per cent burns after he accidentally touched a 25,000-volt overhead wire at the Jogeshwari railway yard. Ganesh was trying to click a rooftop selfie when he got electrocuted. Ganesh was reportedly taking a photograph of himself atop the compartment of a standing train when he accidentally touched the overhead wire, which had 25,000 volts of current coursing through it. The boy sustained 90% burn injuries and was battling for his life. 

  • Female tourist plunges to death while taking selfie: On November 6, 2014. the selfie craze turned fatal for 23-year-old Polish tourist who plunged to her death while trying to take a selfie in Seville, Spain. Medical student Sylwia Rajchel slipped while taking a self-portrait on the ledge of the Puente de Triana bridge. The young woman fell 15 feet onto the concrete footings of the structure and succumbed to her injuries.


  • Polish couple falls off a cliff in Portugal and dies while taking selfies: A Polish couple slipped and died after falling from a cliff edge in Portugal while they were busy taking a 'selfie'. The incident occurred on August 11, 2014, when the couple tried taking a selfie at the cliff edge at Cabo de Roca, a popular tourist destination near Lisbon. The couple reportedly went past a barrier set up to keep people off the cliff edge. Representational Picture

  • Fatal selfie! Man shoots himself in the head while posing with a loaded gun: A Mexican veterinary doctor's search for an impressive profile picture turned tragic when he shot himself in the head and died on the way to the hospital in New York. Oscar Otero Aguilar, 21, had several pictures posted on his Facebook page posing in front of fast cars, sitting on expensive motorbikes, hugging beautiful women and even posing in a musical band. His craze turned tragic when Aguilar decided to take some pictures as he waved around a borrowed gun on August 4, 2014. The loaded gun went off in his hand, injuring him seriously. Representational Pic

  • Pilot taking selfies led to fatal US air crash: According to US investigators, a pilot who died when he crashed his aircraft was distracted because he was taking cell phone selfies in the cockpit, likely contributing to the fatal accident. The 29-year-old and a passenger were killed instantly when his Cessna 150K smashed into a field on May 31, 2014. A National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) probe, using GoPro video taken in the cockpit, indicated that the pilot repeatedly took selfie photos with his phone leading up to the accident. Representational Picture

  • Japanese tourist falls to his death at Taj Mahal in Agra: A 66-year-old Japanese tourist died after allegedly falling down a flight of stairs at the historic Taj Mahal in Agra. The man was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors declared him dead on arrival. Representational Picture

  • Two class X students drown in UP's Kosi river: In what was another case of 'selfie fever' claiming lives, a couple of Class X students were swept away while clicking selfies in the Kosi river in UP's Rampur district. According to media reports, the students who were there for a picnic had waded deep into the river to click the 'perfect' selfie when they swept away by the sudden flow of the water that was released from the nearby Lalpur dam. The bodies of the two deceased boys, Saif Ali Khan and Faizi, were recovered four hours later. Representational Picture

  • Two drown in Vasai while clicking selfie: In an unfortunate incident, two minor girls drowned at a quarry in Vasai, Mumbai while trying to take a selfie by standing on the edge. According to the police officials, the two girls who are Class 7 students visited the quarry with their two school friends after bunking their school. The two were clicking a selfie at the spot when the two fell in the quarry and drowned. Although their two friends tried to save the two girls, when their efforts failed, they asked locals for help, who then rushed to the spot and also informed the fire brigade.

    In photo: The spot where the two girls drowned

  • Youth falls off while trying to click a selfie in Lonavla: A 27-year-old youth who went to click a selfie and a picture of nature fell down 100 feet down a steep slope in Lonavala. The incident took place on August 1, 2019, when the youth fell from off Tiger Point in Lonavala while trying to click a selfie. The youth identified as Nilesh Bhagat was rescued by a team of Pune rural police along with local residents. With the help of a trekking rope, Nilesh was rescued by police personnel of Pune rural police

  • Man falls 400 ft from Echo Point while clicking selfie: In a shocking incident that took place on October 11, 2019, a 58-year-old had a miraculous escape after he slipped and fell 400 feet from Echo Point in Matheran while trying to click a selfie. The man identified as Ajit Barve, a financial broker from Vile Parle crossed over the safety railing at Echo Point, Post which is leg slipped while trying to take a selfie and he fell 400ft into the valley. However, he sustained minor injuries in the incident.

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