From doing household chores to working out: Here's what Kim Sharma up to in quarantine

Updated: Mar 31, 2020, 07:52 | Nandish
  • Kim Sharma at home

    Kim Sharma is very active and her Instagram account, this picture she posted during Gudi Padwa, which was also day 1 of the lockdown. Kim captioned the image: "#day1 starts with a new year! Here's me and my rationed kaju katli wishing you all a very happy #gudipadwa and #ugadi Stay home stay safe and stay positive . We've got this [sic]"

  • Kim Sharma at home

    The entire nation is in a state of lockdown, amid the coronavirus outbreak, the Bollywood celebrities have found different ways to keep themselves busy while staying home. One such celebrity is Kim Sharma. The Mohabbatein actress has been keeping herself busy doing numerous things whole staying indoors. All pictures/Kim Sharma's Instagram account

  • Kim Sharma doing yoga

    Kim Sharma shared this photo of her doing yoga and wrote, "'Trees that don't bend with the wind won't last the storm' - it's so hard but try and go with the flow of this time that is so unfamiliar. Surrender and give in. Try to make the best of this. I'm going to stop whining from today and just let go #mondaymotivation [sic]."

  • Kim Sharma with her pet dog Shylo

    Kim Sharma shared this photo of her with pet dog Shylo in what appears to be her living room and wrote, "#isolated but not #alone #day3 #friyay? [sic]."

  • Kim Sharma at home

    Kim Sharma also took up her household chores over the weekend, which by the looks of it included gardening among other things. Kim shared this photo of her amidst watering the plants and wrote, "Weekend chores #day4 [sic]."

  • Kim Sharma with her pet dog Shylo

    On Sunday (March 29), Kim Sharma shared Insta stories of her bath her pet dog Shylo. She shared multiple posts of her bathing her dog.

  • Kim Sharma with her grand parents

    Kim Sharma also shared multiple photos of her grandparent and wrote how she is missing them, "#throwback with the loves of my life. Major missing and can't wait to be with them again. For everyone that's not getting to be with their near and dear ones, it's going to be all good real soon. Hang in there x #tbt [sic]."

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