These brutal attacks on Mumbai Police will leave you shocked!

Updated: Jul 07, 2019, 10:35 | Sunny Rodricks
  • These brutal attacks on Mumbai Police will leave you shocked!

    'Drunk' Women assault cops in Bhayandar:

    The Bhayander police on October 3, 2018, arrested four women who – allegedly under the influence of alcohol – not only created a ruckus outside a mall but also attacked male police officers. The group of four women were having a fight on the road outside Maxus Mall in Bhayander. Upon seeing the bystanders, the women began yelling expletives at the crowd and misbehaving with them. When the cops reached the spot and tried to stop the women from misbehaving in public, it led to further trouble as the group began arguing with the cops. An officer said, "They abused us, and refused to get inside the police van. Despite repeated warnings, the group continued to be violent and even attacked male police officers on duty." When the group refused to calm down, sub-inspector Manisha Patil was pushed to use force to get them inside the van. The crowd that had gathered around them applauded the police's efforts.

  • These brutal attacks on Mumbai Police will leave you shocked!

    Cops Attacked, Abused While Trying To Break Up Bar Brawl In Borivli:

    The Mumbai Police was at the receiving side of the anger when they interfered in a fight between friends. The incident took place on August 30, 2018, when the policemen saw three friends locked in a drunken brawl outside a bar, they tried to intervene, only for the trio to turn on them and abuse and assault the cops in return. Cops said that all three accused were from decent backgrounds. Inspector Prashant Katane and Constable Ashok Devrukhkar were on night patrol, driving past the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) when an auto driver informed them that three men were fighting in front of Club 9 on Sukurwadi Road. Devrukhkar tried to break up the fight, but one of the accused began roundly abusing him. He held the cop by his collar and said, "How did you guys get here so fast? You don't know who I am, how rich I am. I will remove your uniform and parade you across the road."

    Katane jumped out of the vehicle and tried to help the constable, but the accused abused him too. Finally, the policemen managed to arrest them. The Kasturba Marg police then booked the three accused and arrested the three for assaulting police personnel.

  • These brutal attacks on Mumbai Police will leave you shocked!

    Mob Attack Policemen and their Vehicles:

    A mob allegedly vandalised police vehicles, and attacked policemen and security personnel of a state-run agency following the death of a 17-year-old boy at the Sion Hospital in Mumbai on July 22, 2018. Two police constables and three personnel of the Maharashtra State Security Corporation (MSSC), including a woman, were injured in the incident. Sachin Jaiswar, a resident of the Dharavi area in Mumbai, died at the civic-run hospital located in central Mumbai while undergoing treatment. Two days before being admitted to the hospital, he was questioned by the Dharavi police in connection with a criminal case and was later allowed to go, a police official said. Suspecting that his death was due to the alleged police torture in custody and negligence of doctors at the hospital, the mob of around 100 people gathered outside the hospital and started pelting stones at the policemen, their vehicles, and MSSC personnel.

    The protesters also tried to barge into the hospital but were stopped at its gate. The mob then allegedly beat up the on-duty policemen and MSSC personnel that were deployed at the state government offices and organisations. At least two constables and three MSSC personnel, including a woman, were injured and four police vehicles damaged in the stone-pelting incident. A traffic police outpost, located near the hospital, was also allegedly vandalised by the mob.

  • These brutal attacks on Mumbai Police will leave you shocked!

    The war between African drug peddlers and Mumbai Police:

    Just three months after a massive drugs bust at the spot in Sandhurst Road, Mumbai, a narcotics gang attacked a joint team of Mumbai police and railway cops on October 19, 2018, leaving an RPF constable with a head injury. The cops arrested one of the dealers, who had hit the cop with a bamboo pole. The joint team from the Dongri police and Railway Protection Force (RPF) raided the spot upon receiving information that the gang was back at Sandhurst road peddling narcotics at the tracks. A total of 20 officers and 40 constables were divided into five teams to patrol the stretch and catch the peddlers. Upon noticing the police raid, the accused began pelting stones at the police, forcing them to take cover. However, Salim Shaikh, 32, RPF constable from Wadi Bunder, managed to nab one of the hoodlums - Kone Adama, 28 - who tried to escape his clutches by hitting him on the head with a bamboo staff.

  • These brutal attacks on Mumbai Police will leave you shocked!

    Thief Targets Woman Cop's House, Is Nabbed Immediately:

    A chain snatcher's luck ran out on August 31, 2018, when he chose the house of constable Pramodini Chavan to steal. The constable who was at home at the time of the incident immediately gave chase and nabbed the robber after he stole her mother's gold chain worth Rs 87,000. The 23-year-old thief was later identified as Shahnawaz Agwan, who had posed as a courier boy and entered the constable's house in Borivali. During the investigation, it was found Agwan has a criminal record, including cases of robbery and house break-in in various police stations in north Mumbai, and has been arrested before. It was found that before targeting the Chavans, he had stolen two mobile phones in the same building. The accused was booked and arrested under Section 392 (robbery) of IPC.

  • These brutal attacks on Mumbai Police will leave you shocked!

    Attack By Nigerian Drug Peddlers:

    In June 2018, Nigerian drug peddlers at Byculla launched a stone-throwing attack, that left five policemen injured, who were raiding their area of business. Just a month before that in May 2018, a gang of dealers had stoned residents of Ekta Nagar for trying to stop their drug trade. The incident took place on Thursday, at 9.30 pm, when a team of about 10 to 12 cops from the Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC) went to inspect the Khada Parsi area, between Byculla and Sandhurst Road station. Sources said that the Government Railway Police (GRP) and the ANC had received several calls about a large number of Nigerians allegedly selling drugs on the railway tracks there.

    The police caught one Nigerian selling drugs for cash, but the suspect shouted for help and fellow peddlers started pelting the cops with stones. All the accused managed to escape in the ensuing chaos. Of the five injured policemen, API Amar Marathe received a serious head injury and was admitted at Bombay Hospital. The other four — API Sudarshan Chauhan (back injury, fractured hand), constables Ravindra Mate, Dattaram Mali, and Raju Talavi — were discharged after treatment at JJ hospital.

    The cops rushed to ask passing motorists for help, but sadly no one dared to stop and help as the accused kept up the stone-throwing. After a few minutes, Crime Branch API Amit Pawar arrived at the scene and took the injured to JJ hospital.

  • These brutal attacks on Mumbai Police will leave you shocked!

    Notorious Criminal, Two Aides Arrested After Encounter With Police:

    A criminal who has had several cases registered against him and his aide were injured in an encounter with the Navi Mumbai police in the neighbouring Raigad district on October 21, 2018. The incident took place at Nadhal village in Khalapur tehsil, when Faiyaz Khalid Shaikh, a history-sheeter, shot at two police officers who escaped unhurt as they were wearing bulletproof jackets. While trying to flee, Shaikh opened fire on police from his pistol and the bullets hit two police officers who escaped injury. Two other police officials were also injured during the chase. Despite sustaining a bullet wound, Shaikh ran for some distance but was chased and nabbed around 1.5 km from the house. Shaikh, Salim and his another alleged aide, Sakharam Pawar, were arrested.

  • These brutal attacks on Mumbai Police will leave you shocked!

    Drunk Women Assaults Mumbai Cops:

    In November 2015, a drunk 35-year-old model lashed out at cops who took her to Versova police station. Although she went berserk and attacked several officers, including the women, the police simply swallowed the humiliation and did not attempt to retaliate. Late in the night, the police control room received a complaint that the model, Devdutta Banerjee was creating a ruckus at the Inlaks Nagar Co-operative Housing Society.

    Banerjee was arguing with her landlady about the rent for her apartment when she allegedly began to abuse her and damage property. At first, the nearest patrol team was dispatched to the location to look into the matter, but when the policemen got there, they saw she was heavily inebriated. She began to hurl abuses and threats at them as well. They called for back up, and two other jeeps turned up with yet more cops, including women officers.

    However, things got out of hand as they approached Banerjee and asked her to accompany them to the police station. “As we took her to the police station in the jeep, she continued to abuse us. From the back seat, she leaned forward and tried to strangle one of the women officers,” said a cop.

  • These brutal attacks on Mumbai Police will leave you shocked!

    Architecture student turns police station upside down:

    In June 2016, the Worli police had arrested a drunk 21-year-old architecture student and her friends for rash driving. But the police were in for a surprise when the woman got violent and turned the police station upside down. A video of the incident went viral all over the internet where the young girl was seen slapping the officers, hurling abuses and ransacking the police station.

    The young girl and her friends were caught for rash driving after she rammed her car over a divider and onto a footpath. The accused was then taken to JJ hospital for their medical test and was charged under Sections 279, 332, 353, 427 and 34 of the IPC and was kept in police custody for a night.

  • These brutal attacks on Mumbai Police will leave you shocked!

    Drunk girl hurls abuses at cops:

    In a late night drama in November 2017, a girl who appeared to be drunk was caught on camera abusing cops outside Amboli Police station in Mumbai's western suburbs. Interestingly, the cops were politely questioning the girl despite facing abuses from her. In the footage, the girl identifies herself as Pinki Mishra, a resident of Four Bungalows in Andheri when the cops question her about her identity.

  • These brutal attacks on Mumbai Police will leave you shocked!

    Mumbai police at the receiving end of a barrage of abuse and threats:

    Hauled up for creating a ruckus outside a restaurant late at night, 25-year-old Sunita Yadav left cops dumbfounded by her antics inside the MIDC police station, in September 2015. An inebriated Sunita Yadav was brought to the MIDC police station around 3 am for creating a ruckus outside a restaurant. Little did the cops know that Yadav had just gotten started, however, and, over the course of the next few hours, they found themselves at the receiving end of a barrage of abuse and threats and other drunken antics, all while she kept sipping from a beer bottle right inside the police station.

    Alternating between this threatening posture and bouts of sobbing, Yadav kept the officials confused and unsure of how to act against her. The clincher? She walked out of the police station in the morning with just a Rs 1,200 fine after apologising profusely to the officials and even falling at their feet.

  • These brutal attacks on Mumbai Police will leave you shocked!

    Teens Assault Cop, Smash Window Of Police Van In Dadar:

    A 19-year-old and two minors, aged 17, allegedly drunk, assaulted a local in Dadar and then targeted an ASI and a PSI when the two police inspectors intervened on July 4, 2016. They also broke the rear window of a police combat vehicle. The 19-year-old accused, identified as Shubham Gavde was arrested, the minors were sent to a juvenile remand home. The youngsters were returning from a party at a friend’s place in Mumbai Central when they decided to halt outside a laundry shop on Kashinath Dhuru Marg in Dadar. There, they allegedly began harassing and assaulting the shop owner, Ramesh Kanojia (40), who was asleep on a bench outside. Right then, a police combat van on patrol arrived at the spot and Assistant Sub-Inspector Vitthal Jagdale from the Dadar police station jumped to Kanojia’s rescue. But the youths allegedly even manhandled and attacked the policeman; they caught hold of his collar and pushed him. They then tried to escape, but Amol Gavli, a police sub-inspector, gave them a good chase. One of the minors allegedly picked up a loose paver block allegedly smashed it against the rear window of the police van. The policeman managed to catch hold of the attackers and took them to the Dadar police station where a case was registered against the trio.

  • These brutal attacks on Mumbai Police will leave you shocked!

    Woman cop allegedly thrashed by Shiv Sena worker:

    A lady traffic constable was allegedly thrashed by a Shiv Sena worker in Thane. The Shiv Sena worker was stopped for using cell phone while driving, following which he thrashed the female cop and was eventually booked under sections 323, 353, and 354 of the IPC. Shiv Sena worker Shashikant Kalgude beat up traffic constable Seema Kale just because she was doing her job. The incident had occurred on February 25, 2016, when Kale was posted with the traffic department. Around 11.30 am that day, Kalgude was driving his Scorpio towards the Cadbury junction in Thane. Kale saw Kalgude talking on his phone. She stopped him and asked him to show his licence, upon which Kalgude allegedly got angry and began yelling and assaulting her. An undeterred Kale hit him back. The whole incident was captured on CCTV camera. After the incident, Kale had been rewarded Rs 10,000 by the Thane traffic department for reprimanding Kalgude.

  • These brutal attacks on Mumbai Police will leave you shocked!

    Man Slaps Traffic Cop For Asking Him To Stop Talking To His 'Female Friend':

    On 16 November 2017, a 21-year-old man was arrested for slapping a traffic constable who objected to him causing a traffic nuisance in Vashi’s Sector 28. The police said that the accused, whose father owns a popular Vada Pav centre in Koparkhairane area, was granted bail by a local court in Vashi. As per a police official from the Khoparkhairane police station, "The man had parked his bike blocking the road near Hotel Blue Diamond in Vashi and it was creating a huge traffic problem. So a constable attached with the Vashi Traffic branch asked the man, who was talking to a female friend, to move his bike. This angered him." The man started abusing the policeman and even slapped him. The whole episode was recorded by an onlooker on his mobile phone. The youth was arrested and booked under IPC sections 353 (Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty), 332 (causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty) and 504 (Intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace)."

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