Namrata Purohit, Anshuka Parwani: Yoga gurus keeping your Bollywood celebrities fit

Updated: Jan 29, 2020, 16:32 | Saumya Gourisaria
  • Namrata Purohit

    Celebrity fitness trainer Namrata Purohit strikes a yogic pose on a rock beside a lake and says, "It's not about being more than you are but ALL that you are."

  • Deepika Mehta

    Deepika Mehta did not fail to impress us with her yogic posture beside a tree even when she was 24 weeks pregnant.

  • Deepika Mehta

    Deepika writes, "Every day the body is changing and making space for the role I am about to step into in my life."

  • Anshuka Parwani

    Wellness Expert and Celebrity Trainer Anshuka Parwani does a headstand and writes, "Nothing better than starting your day standing on your head, getting that blood circulation pumping, absorbing those juicy nutrients, stimulating your glands - brain - skin. Oh, and all this is just better when you do it in amidst the mountains"

  • Ishwari Patel

    Ishwari Patel practises 'Ashtanga Yoga' in the belt of nature.

  • Gautam Singhania

    Gautam Singhania's wife Nawaz Modi is India's leading fitness and lifestyle icon. She does strength training to keep herself fit.

  • Pooja Makhija

    Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija balanced herself on an exercise ball and wrote, "using mainly my own body and very light weights to strengthen my core and every muscle in the body."

  • Rujuta Diwekar

    Rujuta Diwekar positioned herself with her head bent below her waist and her legs stretched out.

  • Sucheta Pal

    Zumba enthusiast Sucheta Pal made sure that she did not skip out on exercise even while she was pregnant!

  • Sunaina Rekhi

    First woman yogi to represent India worldwide, Sunaina Rekhi stretched her legs and held her leg with her hand in Bandra West. She wore comfortable black and white striped tracksuit as she exercised close to nature.

  • Ramona Arena

    Yoga and Meditation teacher Ramona Arena wrote how stretching a leg makes her happy. "When you're happy and you know it, And you really want to show it, When you're happy and you know it, Stretch a leg."

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Yoga is a very refreshing form of physical exercise and helps in cleansing and toning the body. Right from Rujuta Diwekar, Namrata Purohit to Anshuka Parwani and Radhika Bose, meet the trainers and nutritionists who keep Bollywood celebrities fit.

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