From unnatural sex to acid attack: Brutal instances of violence against dogs

Jan 27, 2018, 11:03 IST

Mumbai Police have booked a Toyota car driver who deliberately ran his car over a sleeping puppy in Mulund. Palka Sejpal, a resident of Dreamland Society, Mulund, said, "The incident took place on December 7. I used to take care of three stray puppies, all of whom are two months old. That day, I found one of them missing. After that, I made inquiries in the area and found footage from a nearby CCTV camera. I found out that a Toyota Etios driver had driven his car over the sleeping puppies. While two of them managed to spring out of harm's way, the third was caught under the wheels and was seen thrashing about in pain before going limp."

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These 19 cases of animal cruelty serve as a pronounced reminder of how humans have abused the unconditional love that dogs extend