Tanushree Dutta's journey from Miss India to #MeToo torch-bearer

Updated: Mar 18, 2020, 19:20
  • Born on March 19, 1984, Tanushree Dutta hails from Jharkhand. She finished primary schooling from her hometown and later completed high school studies in Pune. Tanushree, however, did not complete her graduation. She dropped out of college to pursue a career in modelling. At age 19, Tanushree Dutta emerged as the winner of Femina Miss India pageant. She was also among the top 10 finalists at the Miss Universe pageant in 2004. (All photos/AFP, mid-day archives and Instagram)

  • Very few know that Tanushree Dutta appeared in the pop music video, 'Saiyan Dil Mein Aana Re' by Harry Anand, before taking part in the Miss India pageant. Pic/AFP

  • 'Saiyan Dil Mein Aana Re' became a massive hit and she subsequently performed at several stage shows in 2003.

    Pictured: Miss India Tanushree Dutta at a show in Quito May 21, 2004, prior to the Miss Universe 2004 contest. Pic/AFP

  • In 2005, Tanushree Dutta made her Bollywood debut with Aashiq Banaya Aapne. Her sizzling stint with Emraan Hashmi was an instant hit.

    Pictured: Tanushree Dutta posing in her Endless Sun Swimsuit at the JW Marriott Hotel in Quito, Ecuador, 26 May 2004. Pic/AFP

  • In the same year, she starred in Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets, yet another Emraan Hashmi starrer, which bombed at the Box Office. Tanushree Dutta did not have a meaty role in the film, and it did no good for her career. Pic/AFP

  • Tanushree Dutta's Bollywood career never took off, even after starring in various films in a span of two years. After Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets, Tanushree starred in Bhagam Bhag, Raqeeb: Rivals in Love, Dhol, Risk, Good Boy, Bad Boy, Speed, Saas Bahu Aur Sensex and Ramaa: The Saviour. Very soon she disappeared from the film scene after a few forgettable films.

  • Tanushree Dutta's failed Bollywood career was followed by a quest for spirituality. In 2012, she emerged with a shaved head in a bid to find spiritual solace.

  • Tanushree Dutta soon moved to the US. Shedding all inhibitions, Tanushree Dutta even did a plus size photoshoot in New York City for a fashion brand.

  • In 2018, Tanushree Dutta shook the nation by recounting an incident that had happened on the sets of Horn 'Ok' Pleassss in 2008. The ball for India's #MeToo movement started rolling soon after she levelled alleged harassment accusations against veteran actor Nana Patekar.

  • Tanushree Dutta spoke about the incident a decade after it had happened. "I faced a lot of criticism, slut shaming and dense attitude... It was like people were hearing me, but were not listening. The harassment and slut shaming continued for me... For 10 years I have been shamed and the narrative has been spun like 'Oh there is a respectable actor and there is this slutty heroine who put these allegations on him and because she did this horrendous thing she was kicked out of the industry'. People have been arrogantly carrying forward this narrative," she said.

  • Tanushree Dutta further claimed that she was "slut shamed", and was called a "heroine who came and did a few item songs and bold kissing scenes".

    Pictured: Tanushree Dutta with her mom and sister.

  • Tanushree Dutta had brought this out in the media in 2008 as well, but not much happened. Recounting Nana's "misbehaviour" on the set, she told IANS, "He called the MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) party to bash up my car. He was behind everything and was supported by Ganesh Acharya, the producer and director."

    Pictured: Tanushree Dutta with sister Ishita and a friend.

  • After the allegations levelled on Patekar, the actor quit the cast of Akshay Kumar's Housefull 4. "Nana saheb thought of the convenience of everybody as he wishes the best for the producer and the crew and hence felt that stepping out of the project would be an appropriate thing to do at this point of time," a statement read. Tanushree had filed a case against Nana Patekar, but police informed the court that they found no evidence to prosecute Patekar.

  • After the #MeToo movement hit the country, Tanushree Dutta was lauded for being someone who speaks her mind fearlessly. On that, she further added, "I follow my gut and the prompting of my spirit in all things, small and big. Sometimes God calls us to help and support individuals who may be flawed in their own way. But then who is perfect anyway? We just have to be obedient and follow the prompting of our spirit and expect nothing in return."

  • Tanushree Dutta's sister Ishita Dutta, who is six years younger to her is also an actress. She made her Bollywood debut in Ajay Devgn's 'Drishyam', and is married to actor Vatsal Sheth.

  • Though she didn't make a great career in the Hindi film industry, she is keen that her sister Ishita Dutta succeeds in her career by making the right choices.

  • Tanushree Dutta is now a resident as well as a green card holder of the US. In fact, she said she will never arrive in India because of the film industry's hypocrisy.

    Pictured: Tanushree Dutta's selfie with her mom, dad and sister Ishita.

  • When asked if she will ever write a book on her life-changing experience, she said, "Yeah. Someday... too much content there. I've had such a fascinating and full life but there's more coming up. So it will happen in time. But I think I should get down to writing something that benefits humanity in some way. Instead of going on about myself... So I started writing a blog, just to share what I've learnt, my perspective on things."

    Pictured: Tanushree Dutta with sister Ishita and friends.

  • Here's wishing a very happy birthday to Tanushree Dutta!

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