Sangeeta Bijlani is rocking in her 50s and these photos are proof!

Updated: 09 July, 2020 08:57 IST | Nikita Wagh
  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    Sangeeta Bijlani was among the first to take the leap from modelling to acting following her crowning as Miss India 1980. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Sangeeta hails from an educated Sindhi family. The actress turns 55 today, but these pictures beg to differ! (All pics: Sangeeta's official Instagram account)

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    Sangeeta Bijlani debuted in the film 'Qatil', however, she became popular as the actress in 'Tridev'.

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    In the mid-90s, Sangeeta Bijlani was mostly in news for her affair with actor Salman Khan.

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    Sangeeta Bijlani and Salman Khan were even set to marry in 1994, but the wedding got called off.

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    Later, Sangeeta Bijlani had a torrid affair with the much-married Indian cricket skipper, Mohammad Azharuddin.

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    Sangeeta and Azharuddin tied the knot in 1998 after the latter divorced his first wife, Naureen.

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    Unfortunately, Sangeeta and Mohammad Azharuddin's married life was filled with controversies.

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    Sangeeta Bijlani and Azharuddin finally divorced in 2010, after former cricket skipper was accused of having an extramarital affair.

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    It is well known that Sangeeta Bijlani is still close to the Khan-daan even after they went their ways. Bijlani is particularly close to Salman Khan's sister, Alvira Khan Agnihotri.

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    Sangeeta Bijlani is now often spotted bonding with her close friend Salman Khan's family. For a while, her presence in the Khan's family sparked speculations of her re-discovered proximity with the star. However, the rumours soon fizzled down.

    Pictured: Salim Khan with Sangeeta Bijlani.

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    Sangeet's friends were quick to dismiss the rumours stating Salman Khan was only being a good friend to her post her divorce from cricketer Mohammed Azharuddin.

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    Reminiscing her days as the winner of Miss India 1980, an experience that she says she will "cherish forever", Sangeeta Bijlani had told mid-day, "Telling a woman that she isn't eligible for a beauty pageant, only because she has given birth, is not a nice thing to do. A woman is beautiful at every age, and at all stages of her life. Society needs to offer more platforms to married women [to showcase their talent]. This event will give them a second shot at a dream that they thought would never see the light of the day."

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    Sangeeta Bijlani, who turned 55, believes in practising different forms of yoga and meditation to stay fit and fab.

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    Sangeeta Bijlani was even supposed to do a Bollywood debut, but those plans are currently on the backburner.

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    Sangeeta Bijlani is seen at society soirees but her comeback doesn't seem to happen anytime soon.

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    It is hard to believe that Sangeeta Bijlani still has the same glow on her face as she did in 1980.

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    Well, Sangeeta Bijlani even acted in Television shows. She had made her small-screen debut with Chandni in early 1996 opposite actor Shahbaz Khan.

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    Sangeeta Bijlani also went on to produce popular comedy serial Hasna Mat, with Kader Khan on Star Plus and Kinarey Milte Nahi on Zee TV.

  • Sangeeta Bijlani

    We wish the beauty a very happy birthday!

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It's Sangeeta Bijlani's birthday on July 9. The former Bollywood actress may not be making her comeback any time soon, but she is definitely rocking her 50s and we can't gape at how amazing she looks even today.

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