13 times when Smriti Irani made fun of her weight

Updated: 14 October, 2019 18:15 IST | Sunny Rodricks
  • Smriti Irani, Zubin Irani

    Union Minister Smriti Irani is undoubtedly the 'Queen' of social media, her funny posts often leave netizens at splits. The BJP minister is not afraid to make fun of her own self, even taking a jibe about her weight gain time and again.

  • Smriti Irani, Zubin Irani

    Smriti Irani took a dig at her weight while sharing this picture of herself in a black saree. Irani posted the picture with a message, "When you dry out in the expectation of weekends." Irani captioned the picture with the hashtag 'The madam have you lost weight look'!

  • Smriti Irani

    During World Yoga Day, while PM Narendra Modi advocated the aspect of inculcating yoga into one's daily routine, Smriti Irani left people in splits with her hilarious post. The BJP minister shared this funny yoga pic and captioned it: Who said fat can's be flexible!

  • Smriti Irani, Zubin Irani

    While trolling her husband Zubin, Union Minister Smriti Irani once again joked about her weight in the most quirky way. She captioned it: Some people say my husband's wife is freaking awesome.. true story! In the picture, Smriti inserted a quirky caption that read: Hey God, pick up, not me...but my weight!

  • Smriti Irani

    After winning the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, Smriti Irani shared a picture on Instagram with her followers where she joked about gaining weight. In a classic 'Now and then' photo comparison, Irani split two pictures - an old photo and a present one with BJP leader Darshana Jardosh and captioned it as, 'Kya se kya ho gaye dekhte dekhte, when #thoughtfulthursday 'weighs' on you.'

  • Smriti Irani

    In September 2018, Smriti shared a video where she is seen as a beautiful bride on her wedding day. The video zooms in and on Smriti as she captioned the post: When the doctor says you need to lose weight!

  • Smriti Irani, Piyush Goyal

    Smriti Irani shared a picture of herself with another BJP leader, Piysuh Goyal and captioned it: Railway Minister, Piyush Goyal, who currently doubles up as acting Financial Minister too. Talking of doubling up he has not put on an inch while I continue to expand!

  • Smriti Irani

    While sharing this adorable picture, Union Minister Smriti Irani reminded herself that she has to lose weight. She captioned it: When you keep looking for a weight loss program.........!

  • Smriti Irani

    Smriti Irani shared this 'Throwback Thursday' post with an old picture during her acting days and compared it to a recent picture with a hilarious message. The caption read: When one Thursday looks at another.

  • Smriti Irani

    Smriti Irani, who is one of the youngest ministers in the Narendra Modi cabinet seems to love Pani Puri (Gol Gappe). She captioned this picture "#the 'aaj main golgappe khaa ke rahungi look'." which means, The 'Today I am eating Gol Gappe' look!

  • Smriti Irani, Janhvi Kapoor

    When Smriti Irani bumped into Dhadak actress Janhvi Kapoor at the Delhi airport, the actress called Irani aunty which left the minister quite amused. The BJP minister received the compliment with a sense of humour and captioned her post: The someone shoot me' moment —When Jahnvi Kapoor sweetly apologises for continuously calling you aunty & you say "koi baat nahi beta" (no worries child). Totalsiyapa ye Aaj kal ke bachche (these kids today) and then ended her witty caption with 'Aunty kisko bola'! (whom did you call aunty?)

  • 13 times when Smriti Irani made fun of her weight

    While Smriti Irani loves to stay fit, the 43-year-old minister also has a soft corner for food. Irani, once again showed her witty side when she posted this picture of chai and pakodas (fried snack) and captioned it: After yoga in the rains, time for some chai pakodas!

  • 13 times when Smriti Irani made fun of her weight

    Recently, Smriti Irani took to Instagram to share a picture of fitness-guru Mickey Mehta where the wellness guru can be seen gorging on Gulab Jamun. Irani captioned it: Not many know the Fitness guru Mickey Mehta is my bro...Where he and where I and shared it with a facepalm emoticon.

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Union Minister Smriti Irani is known for her witty and humorous posts on social media. Her posts with memes are popular among netizens and engages audiences. Smriti Irani has never shied away from taking a dig at her own self and she has poked fun at her weight in the quirkiest manner possible. Don't believe us. Have a look. (All Pictures/Instagram Smriti Irani)

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