• When Akshaye Khanna rejected to play Saif Ali Khan's role!

    In this candid interview with Akshaye Khanna, the actor spoke about the roles he rejected and the ones he wished he had done. Akshaye also talks about the web series he loved watching. Check out this video to know more.

    12 January, 2020 11:03 IST
  • Akshaye Khanna wanted Aamir Khan's role in Dil Chahta Hai!

    Akshaye Khanna's personal life may be a mystery to many but in this interview, the actor cleared the air on some facts about his life. Right from his growing up years to the films he rejected and how Dil Chahta Hai happened, the actor reveals it all. Watch this video to know more. 

    06 January, 2020 10:40 IST
  • How Aamir Khan convinced Saif Ali Khan to do Dil Chahta Hai

    Saif Ali Khan revealed that it was Aamir Khan who convinced him to star in Dil Chahta Hai. He also talks about the difference between doing films in the 90s and in the current era. Saif also confessed to editing out brother-in-law Kunal Khemu's role in the film Go Goa Gone. Watch this video to know more.

    18 November, 2019 10:09 IST
  • Aamir  s hairstyle woes delays Dhoom  3 again

    Superstar Aamir Khan, known for being a perfectionist, has delayed the shoot of Dhoom 3 for the third time in a row, simply because he is not happy with his hairstyle. The schedule, which was to start in Chicago from June 29 will now begin on July 7. Video courtesy: NDTV

    05 July, 2012 12:55 IST
  • Celebrating 10 years of Dil Chahta Hai

    Farhan Akhtar celebrated 10 years of Dil Chahta Hai at the Taj Enlighten Film Society's Naya Cinema festival at a Juhu multiplex. http://www.mid-day.com/entertainment/2011/jul/260711-informer-5.htm

    26 July, 2011 14:40 IST
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