jane borges

jane borges

She writes on books, heritage and urban planning for the Sunday edition of mid-day. She is the co-author of the non-fiction Mafia Queens of Mumbai: Stories of Women From the Ganglands. She moonlights as a storyteller.

Twitter: janborges9

Facebook: jane.borges

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  • Don't Miss today

    Watch Tabla Maestro Subir Adhikari >> At: 7 PM; Price: Rs 100; Contact: @oops2wowevents, Facebook

    27 September, 2020 07:59 IST
  • Gamble called Bombay cinema

    In her new book, researcher Debashree Mukherjee offers a portrait of the film industry from the 1920s to '40s, the studios which helmed it and the satta bazaar that financed it, as it made a transition from silence to sound

    27 September, 2020 07:43 IST
  • Why some Mumbai parents are pulling their kids out of school in lockdown

    Hours before a screen and exorbitant fees have inspired some Mumbai parents to pull their children out of schools for a gap year and lessons drawn from real-life

    27 September, 2020 07:00 IST
  • Tales from didan's kitchen

    A food blogger revisits her Bengali roots and grandmother's ilish and kochuri recipes to pen a novel about getting a second chance at life

    27 September, 2020 06:52 IST
  • Little eats to tide over tough times

    After their 13-year-old dog Yorkie, a poha-fan, passed away during the lockdown, the Barrids of Bandra launched a food service in his memory to tide over tough economic times. It's something the terrier mix would've approved of

    20 September, 2020 08:00 IST
  • 'We need more of us'

    A campaign for 50 per cent tickets for women in the upcoming Assembly elections in Bihar, has found support across party lines, with many hoping that the state will take a leaf out of its panchayat model, where women rule

    20 September, 2020 07:57 IST
  • What Modi thought before he became 'the Modi'

    A new book carries the translation of Narendra Modi's jottings from 34 years ago, offering a peep into what the PM thought as a party worker

    20 September, 2020 07:28 IST
  • Staying fit! How a gym fanatic from Chembur changed his destiny

    In his new book, anthropologist Michiel Baas, after a decade of studying gyms in Indian metros, tells the story of a fitness instructor who changed his destiny using 'muscle power'

    20 September, 2020 07:13 IST
  • A family of different souls

    With her new Insta live series, Goa-based photographer Jane D'Souza who adopted two children with husband Sidney Cardoso, is hoping to ease new adoptive parents into taking a journey that's as complex as it is beautiful

    13 September, 2020 08:15 IST
  • My name is Sheela

    Just when you thought Wild Wild Country had said it all, comes a new authorised biography of Osho Rajneesh's second-in-command, to make blind faith and toxic love trend again

    13 September, 2020 07:57 IST
  • How to beat the monkey mind

    British-Indian Jay Shetty, who became a global phenomenon with his motivational videos, is out with a new book, where he dares to find the root of happiness

    13 September, 2020 07:10 IST
  • 'If the city had to move, we had to move first'

    Despite no comorbidities, 55-year-old BEST bus driver Dilip Paikade spent 60 days in hospital battling COVID-19, 17 of them on ventilator

    06 September, 2020 08:31 IST
  • What's it like giving one of the toughest competitive exams in a pandemic? JEE, NEET aspirants speak up

    JEE Main and NEET aspirants, who've waited nearly five months to give the exam, are glad their academic career is getting a head-start. But the stress of appearing for a paper in the pandemic is a challenge of another kind

    06 September, 2020 08:10 IST
  • Don't Miss today

    Interact with musician Salim Merchant >> At: 7 PM; Price: Rs 249; Contact: Facebook, @PCMSOfficial

    06 September, 2020 07:53 IST
  • Your script over mine

    A new book explores how Goa's recognition of the Devanagari script for Konkani has excluded the average Goan Catholic, who experiences the language differently

    06 September, 2020 07:45 IST
  • '1/3 of life spent asleep impacts 2/3 spent awake'

    Psychologist Alice Gregory, out with a new book on the evolution of sleep, explains how the pandemic has challenged our dozing patterns

    06 September, 2020 06:56 IST
  • A Tharoorian guide to complex English words

    He is not a nutcase who pores over dictionaries all day. MP-author Shashi Tharoor says he is simply a voracious reader, and his new book of 53 examples from his vocabulary is a result of that

    30 August, 2020 08:17 IST
  • Vocal weaver, no more?

    The government's decision to scrap the handloom and handicraft boards is seeing betrayed weavers and co-operatives say they need representation before marketing

    30 August, 2020 07:48 IST
  • There's still a lot to say

    Indie podcasters negotiating digital fatigue in the extended lockdown, explain the non-monetary motivation behind sitting in an empty room and talking

    30 August, 2020 07:27 IST
  • The rise, fall and rise of Jaipur royals

    Australian researcher John Zubrzycki's new book chronicles the story of Jaipur's ruling family over the last century, and how they coped in the absence of title and patronage

    16 August, 2020 07:47 IST
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