Heroes of Mumbai: Meet the men who sweep to keep Mumbai clean

Updated: Oct 01, 2018, 09:17 IST

The over populated city of Mumbai comes with its own share of challenges. The city generates tonnes of garbage every day which have to be put away. To tackle this, the civic body uses 'clean-up' vehicles which run in the city daily, collecting heaps of garbage from every locality and dumping them in dump yards to keep Mumbai clean. But do we ever think about the workers who collect the garbage and dispose of them? The sweepers and the cleanup marshals are the unsung heroes of the city. They tirelessly carry out with their job to achieve one goal, a cleaner Mumbai! Mid-Day speaks to one of the sweepers - Dadarao Babarao Patekar, who tells us how challenging his job really is and how their work has a direct impact on the citizens of our metropolis. 




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