World Photography Day: Inside Mumbai's iconic Photo Studio

Updated: Aug 21, 2018, 09:43 IST

A little less than a century has passed since Hamilton studios laid its foundation in the old European style business district of Ballard Estate, Mumbai. Decades later, the iconic studio which was once visited by the royals and the elite of Bombay, still retains its old world charm. Walk into the studio and beyond the welcoming wind chimes, lies the bygone era frozen in time. Pinned on the soft boards are black and white portraits of people, captured and framed by Hamilton studios since 1928. And then you realize, the owners of the studios not only have one of the rarest photo collections in the world but have retained their old photography pieces of equipment and techniques beautifully too. Even today, the studio promises to capture you as elegantly as it did some of the most notable people in history. Watch the video to take a journey inside this iconic photo studio