Bandra police finds nothing suspicious about Karan Joseph dangling from window

Karan Joseph
Karan Joseph

The Bandra police investigating the case of pianist Karan Joseph's suicide have denied anything suspicious about Karan allegedly dangling from a window in his house days before his death. They have also learnt from his cellphone records that in a span of six hours before Karan leaped to his death, he had contacted several friends 125 times through calls, messages and WhatsApp.

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Farah Nathani Menzies and Robert Menzies who reside in Concorde Apartments, where Karan lived, had told cops that they'd seen him on September 5 on the ledge outside a window screaming, crying and talking to someone inside the house. Farah did not answer mid-day's calls.

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However, the police have denied anything suspicious about Karan dangling from his home. Senior police Inspector, Pandit Thackrey said, "We investigated the matter and found that Karan was trying to get back Rs 6,000 that had fallen on the parapet. He leaned on the edge and managed to get his hands on some of the money but could not reach the other notes. Hence, to be safe, a leash was tugged into the loop of his jeans."

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Friend says
Vidhi Shah, who works at Rave magazine and was Karan's friend, was present at the house when the incident occurred. She told cops, "Around 3 pm, I was cleaning drawer in the hall, and Rishi [Shah, Karan's flatmate] was cleaning in bedroom. After which, suddenly I heard Rishi loudly calling my name." "When I went to the bedroom, I saw papers and currency spread out on the floor and Karan was standing on the window. I saw two Rs 2,000 notes near his left leg and one near his right leg. He was trying to pick them up. He'd picked up two notes and when he was trying to pick another one, Rishi brought a leash and tied the hook on the leash on one side and hooked his pant, and held Karan from another end for his safety."

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"I even called the domestic help Vinod for help. We were all shouting at Karan to come up and leave the money, but he said no and was continuously trying to pick up the money. He finally got the money and came inside. After that, two people came to our doorstep and asked if everything was fine. When I replied saying it was, they left," she said.

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Recording statements
As for the calls Karan made to his friends, two more of his friends are going to come and speak to cops. Thackrey said, "We have come across the phone calls made by Karan. The process of recording of statements will continue on Friday too."

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Karan Joseph suicide

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