The 12-inch pipeline on Kelkar Road ruptured for the second time in three months at around 11 am yesterday. The pipe burst, leading to the loss of around 10,000 litres of potable water.

Into the drain: Water gushes out after a 12-inch water pipe burst on Kelkar Road yesterday. Pic/Mohan Patil

Gallons of water gushed from the drinking water pipeline opposite Prabhat Talkies, flooding the entire place. This also led to a major traffic jam on one of the busiest roads in the city.

The water supply to the residents of Shaniwar Peth was cut for the entire day due to the breakdown. According to PMC officials, a valve in the 12-inch pipeline gave way due to pressure from the vehicles plying on the road.

“As there is heavy traffic on this road, and the valve is located at the centre of the road, the pressure from the moving vehicles on the road above caused the valve to split.” said Avinash Kapte, PMC engineer.

Though the PMC officials rushed to the spot after the pipeline burst, the repair work could begin only after the flow of water stemmed down. “We have stopped the main water supply and the remaining water from the pipeline that is spilling out,” said Kapte. The officials said they are working towards fixing the problem.

There was heavy traffic congestion all day on Kelkar Road and Bajirao Road as the vehicles had to move at a slow pace due to the water logging. “Due to the leakage, traffic had slowed down considerably and we had to manually manage it. The PMC officials arrived on the spot after we informed them about the pipeline burst.” said PSI Laxman Bhosale from Vishrambaug traffic branch.

According to Mukta Patil, a BJP corporator, the renewal of this pipeline should be PMC’s top priority, but the requests have been falling on deaf ears.

“This is a 45-year-old pipeline and we have been constantly requesting the PMC to renew this water pipeline as it is a trunk line. We have also asked them to shift the valve to one side of the road as this will reduce the pressure on it,” she added.