103 year old marathon runner Fauja Singh to come as guest for SCMM

The UK based running wonder 103 years old Fauja Singh is expected to be in Mumbai for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon on Sunday, January 17.

Vivek Singh, Director Procam International confirmed that Fauja will be in Mumbai as a guest but did not confirm about his participation in the elite marathon.

Incidentally Fauja had participated in 2013 marathon in the seniors citizen category which is 4.3 km. The inspiring Sikh had officially retired from full marathon running at 94.

In 2013, he had spoken to the press in Mumbai with the help of his official biographer Khushwant Singh and this time his posters are all over the city.

Whether running or not, Fauja will be a huge draw because at 103 this deceptively frail runner is the best advertisement for fitness for all age groups.

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