Istanbul: Turkey yesterday detained 13 suspected Islamic State jihadists over the deadly Istanbul airport attack, as chilling details emerged of how suicide bombers launched their assault.

Turkey flag-l
The Turkey flag is illuminated onto the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to show solidarity after the Istanbul attack. Pic/AP

The death toll from Tuesday’s gun and suicide bomb spree at Ataturk airport has risen to 42, with 13 foreigners among the dead and more than 200 people injured.

Police carried out 16 raids across Istanbul early Thursday, an official said, with three foreign nationals among the “ISIS suspects” detained. “It is probable that at least one attacker was a foreign national,” he added.

Interior Minister Efkan Ala said there was an ongoing “serious and comprehensive investigation” into who was behind the attack. He said: “First signs point to Daesh, but it’s not certain yet.”

CCTV footage widely-circulated on social media showed a huge ball of flame erupting at the entrance, scattering passengers. Another video showed an attacker running inside the building before collapsing to the ground and blowing himself up.