1993 bomb blast

After giving the quantum of punishment for the 1993 serial blasts convicts yesterday, special TADA court judge G A Sanap left the court only after giving the judgment copy to the convicts at 10.55 pm. The latter left the court around 11 pm.

The court disallowed an application filed by Salem to marry, terming it infructuous and disposing of it. The court also disallowed his application to transfer him to a jail outside Maharashtra.

A few observations
The court observed, "Feroze comes from a well-educated family, his father served the Indian Navy. Karimullah hails from a lower strata, Feroze was a partner with the Dossa brothers. The role of the two isn't comparable."

"A case related to terrorism can't be treated on par with other offences. Offences and offenders of terrorism need to be dealt with sternly. Future generations need to be saved from this menace. A lenient view in such cases can weaken the fight to combat terrorism," the judge added.

Time for consequences
"It is necessary to mention that RDX can't be used to kill mosquitoes and flies and it can't be assumed that AK-56 rifles were being distributed in schools as toys. The accused had knowledge about the offence."

The court observed, "The conspirators and perpetrators of the crime rejoiced at the success of the crime. Now, when it comes to facing the consequences... can the architect of the bomb blast (Feroze Khan) be heard on his request that he deserves one more chance at rehabilitation?"

No. of witnesses prosecution examined in the first trial