22-year-old headed abroad falls off local en route to airport, dies

Vijay Satra’s parents were waiting to see him off at T2 and his brother was waiting for him at Ghatkopar station when they got news of his death; relatives say Vijay, a brilliant student, was headed to Singapore for his CA articleship

A young life and a promising career were snuffed out when a 22-year-old Chartered accountancy (CA) student fell off a local train and was crushed by an oncoming train last Tuesday. He was heading to the airport to leave for Singapore for his articleship when the incident took place.

CA student Vijay Satra fell off a local train and was crushed by an oncoming train last Tuesday
CA student Vijay Satra fell off a local train and was crushed by an oncoming train last Tuesday

According to family members, Vijay Manilal Satra, a Thane resident, had gone to Dombivli to collect some papers and he was supposed to take a late night flight to Singapore on January 6. “Vijay left for Dombivli around 6 pm and he decided to go to the airport directly from there.

Accordingly, he had asked his brother, Sagar, to meet him at Ghatkopar with the luggage around 10 pm, so that they could take the Metro from there, and his parents were supposed to meet him at T2,” said a relative, adding, “He was a brilliant student and was going to Singapore for his articleship.

He planned to complete his studies there.” When the train crossed Vikhroli station, one stop before Ghatkopar, Vijay went near the door and suddenly fell off. He landed on another track and was run over by an oncoming train. He died on the spot.

When Vijay didn’t show up at Ghatkopar station, his brother, Sagar, kept calling him, but got no response. Their parents were already at T2, waiting for Vijay, when they got news of the accident and his demise around 11 pm. The police sent Vijay’s body for a post-mortem to Rajawadi hospital and handed it over to his family the same night.

  • king14-Jan-2015


  • nitin12-Jan-2015

    Dear rail authorities wake up and immediately go for automatic door local

  • Arun Kumar13-Jan-2015

    Feel sorry for his family. India lost one of the talent. Huge Setback.

  • dinesh kabra13-Jan-2015

    It is really unfortunate that we have lost a brilliant student . May his soul rest in peace.

  • Abhilash Shah12-Jan-2015

    RIP brother

  • Srini12-Jan-2015

    What a Tragedy. Hard time for the family to digest the truth .

  • Senthil Kumar13-Jan-2015

    May his soul Rest in Peace. My sincere condolences to his family.

  • Daiwat Chaudhari13-Jan-2015

    Why was he there hanging at the door, when there was no rush supposed to be at up line (towards CST) after 8pm...?

  • Ahmed13-Jan-2015

    Rest In Peace(RIP)...feel Sorry for his family and totally agree with brother nitin that rail authorities should go for automatic doors for all the trains

  • Subhash Ramnathan14-Jan-2015

    May his soul rest in peace.

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