'6-5=2' is an experience I will not forget, says actor Gaurav Paswala

Nov 13, 2014, 07:30 IST | The Hitlist Team

Chulbuli Pandey

It was a walk post gymming that got accountant-RJ-theatre actor Gaurav Paswala his break in Bharat Jain's '6-5=2'. Gaurav was taking a walk at Lokhandwala backroad when he was spotted by director Bharat Jain.

Gaurav Paswala
Gaurav Paswala

"Gaurav looked just right in a blue T shirt and tracks. I called him for an audition and he was in," explains director Bharat Jain. A finance professional from Australia, Gaurav took to modelling followed by television. What followed was films with '6-5=2'.

"'6-5=2' is an experience I will not forget. I have never been buddies with five people with different backgrounds and temperaments at the same time. I shot for the first time with a moving camera and one-take shots. But most importantly, as the film progressed, I realised what fear is," says Gaurav.

There was a scene where Gaurav had to run into the jungle. He did go into the jungle but lost his way. "I felt someone was walking behind me. And it was very scary," he confesses. Also when co-actor Gaurav Kothari nearly died on the sets, it was Gaurav Paswala who looked after him.

"Nature brought me close to myself, and the character Raja was a part of me. But what I experienced during the shoot will never let me go. I will cherish this family forever."

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