Sydney: Over 71 million bank accounts have been opened through the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana so far in the villages in India and the money deposited amounts to Rs

5,000 crore, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said here in his address at the Allphones Arena Monday.

Addressing the euphoric crowd of around 16,000 Indian diaspora, Modi said that this was done by the same government infrastructure, the same government servants and with the same habits, "but the work has got done".

Narendra Modi in Australia
Prime Minster Narendra Modi acknowledges thousands of supporters at the Allphones Arena Olympic park in Sydney on November 17. Thousands of Indian community members gathered at the arena to listen to Modi who is in Sydney after attending the G20 Summit in Brisbane over the weekend. Pic/AFP

He said when he asked the Reserve Bank of India, he was told by the officers it would take three years to open bank accounts in the villages.

He said he then approached the finance ministry which said it would take two years, while his own Prime Minister's Office said one year.

"I heard everyone, and announced Aug 15 that I want the work in 150 days," he said."I said that Jan 26 is the final date, and "all bank employees are on overdrive" to get rural families access to the banking system.