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Oct 13, 2011, 09:19 IST | Special Features

Farhan Furniturewalla and Laila Khan make a great team. While Farhan is the designman, Laila, being an artist, brings her sensibility in their designs. Contemporary, stylish and reeking of elegance, the Furniturewalla FW festive collection has class written all over it at value prices.

Who: Laila Khan and Farhan Furniturewalla
What: Talking about their Furniturewalla FW festive collection

From luxurious sofas to interesting coffee tables, vibrant lanterns to eclectic bar stools, you find yourself spoilt for choice. And this time, you also have a wide array of artwork (from Laila and artists around the world) to choose from. Gearing up for the launch of another sprawling 25,000 sq ft store in Delhi in early Feb, Laila and Farhan talk to CS about their latest collection:

A regal chair that can add drama to your house

Home truths
The Furniturewalla FW Luxxe collection comprises high quality contemporary leather sofas. We also have puffs that convert into tray tables and swivel chairs to complement the sofa set.

A high quality L-shaped leather sofa from the Luxxe Collection

If you're looking for accessories, you must check out the Winston collection. We've got a wide range of cart coffee tables. And what makes them unique is that they come with stainless steel wheels.

We also have elegant Stallion inspired lanterns with leather handles. We've brought into contemporary furniture richness and a touch of warmth.

The cross flight coffee table from the Flight Collection

The Acero collection is a range of uber-luxe coffee tables and bar chairs. These artful tables are adjustable and movable. These tables currently are the hot sellers. The Balina collection has beautiful large lamps in fibre, shell and cocoa threads.

The esoteric cart coffee table from the Winston Collection

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