Shibani Kashyap is a complete foodie and doesn't compromise on the taste and colour of the food on her plate. The singer tells CS about the five food items that she just can't do without:

Simply salads
Being a health freak, I love eating green veggies. They're a great source of iron and excellent for your eyes.

Dahi desire
Being a Punjabi from Delhi, I need curd with my food in some form or the other -- be it raita or just plain. I like dahi because it's a cooling agent and loaded with protein. If time permits, I also put curd on my hair as makes for a fantastic conditioner.

Dal maal
Dal is a must for my lunch and dinner. It is healthy and tastes yummy with steam rice and a bit of ghee.

Veg delight
Sabji with hot whole-wheat roti is something that I've grown up on. But at times, I also like noodles with some hot and mid-spicy Thai curry or Chinese chicken and vegetables.

So sweet!
And to end my meal, what better than a bar of chocolate or a scope of ice-cream!