Jammu: Election Commission chief V.S Sampath on Thursday said that action would be taken Congress President Sonia Gandhi as soon as a complaint is filed against her.

Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi. File pic

“Generally in such matters we take cognizance on receipt of a complaint. We should be awaiting that and as soon as it is received, the issue will definitely be examined and further action would be taken,” said Sampath.

Sonia Gandhi meet with Muslim delegation led by Jama Masjid Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari on yesterday pitching to help nurture the cause of "secularism" gathered powerful dissenting voices coming out of the highly revered Jama Masjid and from within the Bukhari family itself.

Earlier in the day, his younger brother Syed Yahya Bukhari who is the president of the Jama Masjid United Forum was very critical of the meet and his brother's move for meeting Gandhi and offering promises to a party which has projected the community as a weaker sect and only betrayed the trust reposed by Muslims.

He said that Union Law Minister Kapil Sibal was an Israeli agent and his aim has been always been to weaken the roots of Muslim community in the country since ages.