Days after a parrot was summoned by the police in Chandrapur district for hurling obscenities at a woman, police in another small town in the state put a stolen goat behind bars. The goat was reportedly locked up after a complaint was registered by its owner for cattle theft at Pathri city in Parbhani district.

Three people had allegedly stolen the goat last Saturday. One of the thieves was nabbed by the police on Sunday and put in the lock-up at Pathri. However, the police also jailed the goat along with the alleged thief Naseem Khan.

The goat was released from the lock-up and put under police watch after its photos went viral on WhatsApp and other social media. A police official at Pathri said that the goat was locked up for only 22 minutes and will be handed over to its owner Hidayat Khan only after the court issues a verdict.

Parrot summoned
Just about a week ago, police in the small town of Rajura that lies in Chandrapur district, had detained one of their strangest criminals yet, a parrot.

The said parrot was summoned to the police station after he was accused of hurling obscenities at an 85-year-old woman. Janabai Sakharkar, the octogenarian complainant, had alleged that her stepson Suresh had taught his pet parrot Hairyal to shower abuses at her whenever she passed by his house.

In order to verify the complaint, the police had asked Janabai, Suresh and Hariyal to come to the police station. However, a visibly conscious Hariyal went mum and refused to say anything in the presence of all the policemen.

The police later found out that bone of contention between the woman and her stepson wasn’t the parrot, but a property dispute. Hariyal was later handed over to forest department officials.