After 'Shahid', Hansal Mehta will be directing Raj Kumar again

According to a source close to the producer, Mahesh Bhatt saw Shaahid and at that time only had made up his mind to take Hansal Mehta and Raj Kumar on board.

Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar

Bhatt confirmed that Hansal is slated to helm the forthcoming movie. He said, “It’s true that Hansal Mehta will be directing City Lights.

Hansal Mehta
Hansal Mehta

I saw his recent movie Shaahid and I was impressed. It’s a spectacular project and I was extremely impressed by Rajkumar’s acting. He has done a fabulous job too.”

Talking about his project, Bhatt added, “It’s too early to reveal the details of the movie right now, we have to make a proper presentation and then we will talk about it. We will start shooting in December hopefully and by tomorrow I will have a lot more clarity as to when we will start shooting.”  

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