Ahmedabad civic body to pay people for using public toilets

Ahmedabad: To prevent open defecation, the civic body in the city today introduced a novel concept of rewarding people to use the public toilets.

The civic body will identify people who defecate in open and will encourage them to use corporation-run toilets by rewarding them with an incentive of one rupee, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation in-charge Health officer Bhavik Joshi said.

"Standing Committee of AMC decided to reward those people, who will use civic body public toilets instead of open defecation. They will be given an incentive of Re one for using the lavatory facilities," he said.

According to Joshi, AMC has already identified around 1,200 such people in various parts of the city and this list will be revised at regular intervals.

There are 120 places in the city, where activities of open defecation were registered, he said, adding that AMC will provide lavatory facilities in all those areas.

The project will get started by next week, the officer said.

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