Air India cabin crew injured as captain forgets to announce landing

Jun 29, 2015, 22:00 IST | A Correspondent

An Air India aircraft and it's passengers had a narrow escape after a faulty landing at Mumbai airport on Sunday.

The Boeing 777-300 flight (AI-922) arriving in Mumbai from Riyadh apparently experienced turbulence just before it was about to land and dropped 100 feet. The sudden drop in altitude led to around six crew members suffering bruises and minor injuries as they hadn't taken their seats. Luckily the passengers escaped unhurt.

Apparently, the captain of the flight forgot to inform the cabin crew that the flight was about to touchdown and would be dropping. However, the Air India officials brushed aside this incident, stating that these were just accusations. “We are investigating the matter,” said Air India spokesperson to mid-day.

As per the rules, it is mandatory for the flight's pilot to inform the cabin crew of the landing and of any possible turbulence. But the captain reportedly did not make any announcements leaving the crew off guard when turbulence hit the plane. These crew members allegedly fell on the floor and suffered injuries at around 1.10pm just before the plane was to land.

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