Air India staff to debut new look this month

By the end of March, the national carrier’s trademark red, white and black uniforms will be replaced by mustard ensembles designed by the National Institute of Fashion Technology and developed at a cost of Rs 8 crore

Plagued by financial and operational problems, the Air India could soon inject some fresh energy into its operations with its new crew uniforms set to be introduced this month.

An Air India letter stated that female cabin crew will be given two sarees (centre), along with four blouse pieces, while male crew (right) will be given material for shirts and trousers, along with ties. Sources said, other uniform designs such as kurtis and shirts for women will also be distributed to staff in time

By the end of this month, the national carrier’s crewmembers will have exchanged their trademark red, white and black outfits for mustard ensembles designed by the National Institute of Fashion Technology and developed at the cost of Rs 8 crore.

It should be noted that the proposal for new uniforms came up in early 2014, and a tender was issued in July 2014. While the uniforms were to be introduced by October last year, Air India is finally making the change now. An official letter dated March 4 (mid-day has a copy) stated that the distribution will commence for crewmembers in Delhi and Mumbai on March 5 and 10 for women and men respectively, who will don the new uniforms on March 28.

The letter further stated that initially the female cabin crew would be issued with two sarees and four blouse material pieces, while the male cabin crew would be issued shirt/trouser material and ties. The uniform will be distributed to the staff as and when the material maintenance department of the airline receives supply from the vendor.

A senior official said that the uniforms would be revealed to the board of directors on March 9, with a fashion show of sorts, wherein select crewmembers will don the uniforms and walk the ramp. “Air India is having a trial display of the uniform on Monday. The airline is bringing in a DJ from Hyderabad and is paying him R2.5 lakh,” said the official. Despite attempts to contact the airline, the spokesperson was not available for comment.

  • bitterman07-Mar-2015

    very graceful for women however look very "Gulamic" of slavish seeing a TIE, why indian need tie even in USA hardly anyone wear tie. TIE is not indian dress code and stupid dress designer need to think indian way.

  • Jason07-Mar-2015

    Are they planning of serving McD burgers dressed up as Ronald McDonald?

  • Kundra08-Mar-2015

    bery dreadfull combination This can't be design by NIFT and can't be cost 8 Cror.:))

  • dalton jathanna05-Apr-2015

    Older uniform better than newer,Fabric is looks like cheaper and not good appearance.Its a waste of money 8 crores.

  • pragati07-Mar-2015

    The uniform should be of sustainable textile, not run colour like a cheap quality fabric, should be easy to maintain (in terms of life after washes), atleast those parameters should be looked into. THe design does not seem very appealing but that is the trend with AI, so the bare minimum would be ensure basic requisites as listed above. The ramp show should also have unbiased critics instead yesmen around! Too much to ask?!!!!

  • melville lobo07-Mar-2015

    Surely bright but Very Surely not right Pathetic Uniform

  • Raman07-Mar-2015

    Another waste of money. None of these will revive AI. AI staff are made to think and act like a commercial organization. Their ground staff are arrogant. The only way is to give back AI to the Tatas, privatize it. Government, government babus ( the top of AI is a government babu) will not allow privatization as they now enjoy lots of privileges either overtly or covertly

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