Akshay Kumar to launch more free martial arts classes for women

Akshay Kumar who was a professional martial arts trainer before he started acting, launched an initiative to train women in free-of-cost martial arts classes that teach them self-defence. More than 300 girls are already part of these classes in Maharashtra. He is now planning to extend a helping hand to launch more such self-defence classes.

Akshay Kumar to launch more martial arts classes for women for free!Akshay Kumar

The actor is currently busy promoting his upcoming film 'Gabbar is Back', the story of a common man waging war against corruption around him. His character in the film sees him create a parallel army to fight against corruption and that has inspired him to teach martial arts to more and more women in the form of free self-defence classes to protect them from crime against them.

Akshay Kumar has already trained 10 black belt martial artists, and wishes to expand his army that teaches women self defense.

"I teach martial arts to 300 girls every week. From corporate to media to house maids, everyone. But we don't have enough space. I am going to open more classes in next couple of months. And its all free of cost", says Akshay Kumar.

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