The actor flags down a cop and borrows his bike to reach the Delhi airport, just in time to catch his flight back to Mumbai

This time, it was action in real-life for Akshay Kumar. The actor was confronted with chaotic traffic outside a Gurgaon mall, with just two hours remaining for him to reach the Delhi airport to catch a flight back to Mumbai.

Interestingly, Akki managed to reach his destination just in time, after he sought help from a cop. Akshay stopped a cop on the road, and borrowed his motorbike to ride to the airport, with the cop accompanying him along the way, riding pillion.

Akshay was in Gurgaon to promote his upcoming multi-starrer. "However, when Akshay stepped out of the mall, there was a major traffic jam. He quickly realised that he wouldn't be able to make it for his flight in time due to the traffic.

Akshay Kumar with Riteish Deshmukh and the Delhi traffic cops

So Akshay decided to borrow the motorcycle from a cop in order to reach the airport in time," reveals our source who was also present at the Gurgaon mall.

Akki made sure no traffic rules were broken, as he even borrowed the cop's helmet to wear on the way. Our source adds, "Once he reached there, the RTO Inspector requested for a picture with the actor and Riteish Deshmukh (his co-star), who was already there as he had left earlier."