Alia Bhatt: Worked hard for the bikini scene in 'Shaandaar'

Alia Bhatt, who will be seen donning a bikini in her upcoming movie 'Shaandaar', says she worked very hard to get her body into perfect shape for the scene.

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Alia Bhatt dons a bikini for 'Shaandaar'
Alia Bhatt dons a bikini for 'Shaandaar'. Picture courtesy/YouTube

Directed by Vikas Bahl, 'Shaandaar' is a romantic-comedy featuring Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles and at the end of the film's trailer, Alia is seen donning a pink bikini.

"We (Shahid and I) both were training...he was training just for his usual self, as he likes to stay fit. I was training hard for that bikini shot. I was on diet...was focused about getting it right. It was not an elaborate shot, but I worked so hard," Alia told reporters here at the trailer launch of Shaandaar.

Director Vikas Bahl said the bikini scene was shot on the "coldest day" and Alia was ready with a pair of pants to put it on soon after the shot.

Alia reveals it is because of Shahid that she got to do two of her upcoming films -- 'Shaandaar' and 'Udta Punjab' with him.

Photos: Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt at the trailer launch of 'Shaandaar'

'The Student of the Year' actress was also thankful to her mentor Karan Johan, who launched her into filmdom and is also producing 'Shaandaar'.

"Karan started this journey...he has an important role in it. I chose to do different kind of roles. I believe variety is the spice of life. I am grateful to everyone for giving me an opportunity to choose and do different characters on screen. It is a conscious decision," Alia said.

In Shaandaar, the actress plays the role of a free spirited girl named after herself-- Alia. "Alia and Alia both are mad. With this film I got to explore funny, quirky side of me. Alia in Shaandaar is intelligent," she added.

The film is set to release on October 22.

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