All political parties try to please Dalits, says Dr Kasbe

Dr Raosaheb Kasbe
Dr Raosaheb Kasbe

Ahead of Dr. BR Ambedkar's 127th birthday, eminent Dalit ideologue and former professor of political science at the Savitribai Phule Pune University, Dr. Raosaheb Kasbe feels that Dalits are yet to get equal treatment in the country. mid-day spoke to Dr. Kasbe a day before his appearance at the 'Prabodhan Parv', organised by the BMC on Ambedkar Jayanti in Matunga West.

Regarding the political importance of Dalits, Kasbe said, "All political parties try to please Dalits by announcing things, which will not solve real issues. Now, BJP is trying everything to please Dalits, since they are important for political stability."

When asked about how the country has changed for Dalits since independence, he said, "What is happening in this country is traditional [caste based discrimination] since ages. A lot needs to be changed about this mindset."

Speaking about the sudden rise in targeting Dalit students in different universities, Dr Kasbe told mid-day, "The movement started by Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Mahatma Phule to bring equality and awaken the weaker sections of society has weakened. We have failed to change people's mindset. After writing the constitution, Babasaheb Ambedkar in his last speech said that we have achieved political democracy, but economic and social democracy is yet to come. If this doesn't materialise, then youngster's questions will remain unsolved."



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