Amar out of AIIMS

Singh was admitted to the institute on September 12 following health complaints when he was in Tihar Jail for his alleged involvement in the 2008 cash-for-vote-scam

Former Samajwadi Party leader, and Rajya Sabha member, Amar Singh, who was admitted at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on September12, was discharged on Sunday. The 55-year-old MP was admitted to the institute where he was undergoing a treatment for kidney-related problems.

Relieved, for now: Amar Singh coming out of AIIMSĀ  in New Delhi on
Sunday. Pic/Imtiyaz Khan

The Rajya Sabha MP, who was arrested on September 6 for his alleged role in the 2008 cash-for-vote scam, was given bail on humanitarian ground on October 24.

'Free to go'
Dr Sanjay Gupta, senior nephrologist, AIIMS, who was attending on Singh, said, "He is fit to be discharged. We discharged him today morning."

"He was brought to AIIMS from Tihar Jail following complications related to post-renal transplant, diarrhoea, urinary tract infection, diabetes, dehydration, hypothyroid and hypertension," added Dr Gupta.

Talking about his medical history, Dr Gupta said "He had undergone a renal transplant in September 2009 and intestinal surgery 10 years ago. His condition is rather better now. His creatinine level was fluctuating when he was brought to us. Along with that, he had other health complications too."

Did you know?
All renal transplant patients are on immunosuppresive medications (to prevent rejection of transplanted organs), which make them prone to infections, or in other words, their immunity level goes for a toss.
Any renal transplant patient, showing more than 30 per cent acute rise in creatinine, needs admission for finding cause and managing the same.

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