Ambulatory Surgery Centres getting warm reception in city

Centres promise patients safe and quick surgery, taking between 24 and 72 hours from admission to discharge; method of surgery, slated to be most cost-effective healthcare option, is set to benefit people
While many city-based hospitals are offering patients the option of short-stay surgeries, the health industry has witnessed yet another massive development. A city-based medical centre has introduced five different stand-alone Ambulatory Surgery Centers in various parts of the city with the objective to change the face of health care here. These centers, which have been operational for over two years, promise patients safe and quick surgery between 24 and 72 hours from admission to discharge.

Road to recovery: Experts say that patient recovers faster at home or
in similar settings. Representation pic

The Indian Society of Ambulatory Surgery was launched at the first national conference on Ambulatory surgery in the presence of over 300 medical experts, doctors from across the world and other administration staff.
Patients to benefit Short-stay or ambulatory surgery has optimum benefits for patients and is slated to be the most cost-effective health care.

A short stay multi-specialty hospital is cost effective not only for the patient, but also for the hospital.
Usually, patients are admitted in a corporate hospital and end up paying for their surgery and also the cost of their hospital stay. Often patients are required to be admitted a day before surgery and have to stay for two days post-surgery.

According to Dr Mahesh Reddy, executive director, Nova Medical Centers, this new system would ensure that patients get fast relief and furthermore, experts point out that recovery is faster at ambulatory surgery centers.

Faster recovery
"When a patient comes in with the mindset to undergo surgery and leave the hospital premises in the shortest time possible, we have noticed that recovery has speeded up," Dr M G Bhat, MD of Nova. He added that a patient recovers far faster at home or in warm setting which he or she is used to. "Also, short-stay surgery reduces the chances of a patient getting infected with any hospital acquired infections," he said.

The group now plans to set up centers even in tier-two cities like Mysore, Pune and Mangalore. Furthermore, with several major hospitals adopting this genre of health care, patients are happier that the facility, which has been a part of the US healthcare for over two decades, is now available in the city.

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