What goes on in a youngster's mind? How do they perceive things? Find out through 20 films on various social issues by kids

PerhapsĀ some of the best things about young minds are that they are fresh and impressionable. They have their own way of looking into things. However, a kid's approach to various aspects of life is different from that of a grown up.

A recent workshop named 'Design for change' had encouraged young minds to think on several social issues. And now the time has come to watch the results of the thought process through the medium of films.

Says Deepa Menon, vice president, CSR and corporate communications, PVR Nest says: "Films are one of the strongest mediums. People understand things better when illustrated through a medium that is entertaining. And cinema indeed is the most entertaining medium."

Children from various schools have been shortlisted and they will team up with directors who will train them to make films on their own. "The idea was get them to think differently. We wanted to get ideas from children and then help them make films," says Menon. After training in filmmaking, kids got a chance to get behind the camera and shoot their own documentary film.

A total of 20 films will be showcased today. The films are based on a number of issues ranging from child labour, paper wastage, violation of traffic rules, education system and carbon prints to rash driving by minors. So, go out today as it's time to appreciate the young brilliant minds.

On: Today
At: Audi 4, PVR Anupam, Saket Community Complex
Timings: 10 am onwards
Entry: FREE
Ring: 9811300540