Soak up the sun or just enjoy the pitter patter of raindrops at artist Sandesh Shete's exhibition at Bliss Art Gallery

At artist Sandesh Shete's recent exhibition, he tries to catch nature at its best. "When an artist is sitting in the studio, we use the colours that are available on the palette. But when we are outdoors, we base the colours from nature's palette. God is a great artist and we artists learn a lot from nature," expresses artist Sandesh Shete.

Shete has been creating waves with his nature-based paintings and you can catch a glimpse of them at Bliss Art Gallery. After travelling for six months to various ghats and places outside Pune, including Malshej ghat in Junnar, the waterfall at Lonavala, Varandha Ghat and Mahabaleshwar, Shete has 12 paintings on display which depict the beauty of the monsoon and summer.

"I have tried to keep each painting as realistic as possible. For instance I have intricately shown how the raindrops fall on the trees and onto the ground. The beauty of the season is that it gives scope to so much creativity. I did face obstacles when it rained, as it's difficult to find shade in open spaces. So either I would take solace in a cave or under a chai tapri and paint the moment in watercolour on paper and come back home and create the same on acrylic in canvas."

This is Shete's 11th solo exhibition and he has been in this profession since 2000. Originally from Mohal in Solapur district, he moved to Pune in the 90s and since then has been working on his art in the city.
Apart from painting nature, Shete also works on figurative art. He plans to work on his next series which will feature the winter season.

Till December 10, 9 am to 6 pm
At Bliss Art Gallery, Koregaon Park.