An open and shirt case

Akshay Kumar has a 'no shirtless scenes' clause in all his film contracts. But we hear, he's taking it off for a bachelorette party

John Abraham and Salman Khan may like removing them, but Akshay Kumar has made it clear that he doesn't.

Debutant director Rohit Dhawan  had to learn this the hard way, when he wanted a shirtless Kumar in Desi Boyz, where the actor plays a male escort.

"Akshay loved the idea of playing a male escort, but didn't want to strip on screen. So he suggested they make the comedy without any skin show," said a source.

Dhawan then enlisted father David Dhawan's help to convince Kumar to go shirtless -- for one song -- and Kumar, we hear, finally agreed.

In the song, Jhak maar ke, shot as part of a bachelorette bash, both Kumar and co-star John Abraham go topless.
Though Kumar has the image of being a ladies' man, and is known for his abs and his comic timing, the actor dislikes undressing for the camera. In fact, before he signs on any film, he makes it clear to his producer that he will not expose. We are told the actor actually puts a 'no shirtless' clause in his contracts.

"Even for David Dhawan's Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Kumar refused to go shirtless in a scene  with Salman Khan on the beach. But just this once, Akshay agreed to the skin-show, as he didn't want to break Rohit's heart," the source said.

The only other time the actor took his shirt off was in Suneel Darshan's Talaash (2003).
"Akshay was convinced because he knew it was an important scene. The song demanded that he go shirtless. It was part of the script," said Dhawan.

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